Lindsay Lohan Playing With Big Balls and Drinking Rosé as The World Burns


The Maple Christ, Justin Bieber, is claiming that he cancelled his tour for Jesus. [TMZ]

Macaulay Culkin LIVES! [LaineyGossip]

Emperor Hogbody will never know when Chrissy Teigen finally decides to fly topless now that he’s blocked her on Twitter. [X17]

Ariel Winter got a corny quote tattooed on her ass and posted a picture of it. [TooFab]

Will Nicolas Cage be Kazakhstan’s next Steven Seagal? [Dlisted]

I would cry if Gal Gadot held my hand and told me “everything was gonna be ok” too. [Perez]

Drake got a tattoo of Lil Wayne on his tricep because thats what friends do. [PageSix]

Here’s a photo of Emily Ratajkowski wearing rags because fashion. [GoFugYourself]

Fun fact: If your Uber driver starts getting a BJ from a drugged out hooker, Uber will say sorry and credit your account $10. [Radar]

The Justice League movie is getting more reshoots and nobody is happy about it. [Celebitchy]