Lindsay Lohan Bailed On Ellen

December 14th, 2011 // 59 Comments

Lindsay Lohan managed to talk Playboy down to only making her do one promotional appearance for her cover issue which was supposed to happen yesterday on Ellen, and you’ll never guess how that went. Gossip Cop reports:

Gossip Cop has learned the actress did NOT board her flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles.
“Not a call or an apology from Lindsay,” a show insider tells us.
The show, a contractually obligated promotional appearance for her Playboy cover, was scheduled two months ago.

For those of you keeping score at home, here’s what Lindsay Lohan has managed to do to Playboy in exchange for them forking over a million dollars which I’m convinced was some sort of attempt to show a loss for tax purposes:

1. Require a last-minute reshoot.

2. Let her mom leak the photos online ridiculously early, ruining what small chance of sales the issue had.

3. Pose for bikini photos just two days after that making the pics even more moot.

4. Completely bail on the one interview they asked her to do.

I almost want to say this is why no one wants to work with her, but we all know the real reason is because it’s intimidating working with Marilyn Monroe. Dead people are supposed to be dead.

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  1. So much for the “big comeback” this was supposed to create for her. She’s just proving she hasn’t changed one bit and still as no idea what responsibilty is. Oh, unless bailing on that responsibilty means jail time. :/

    • Randal

      Gossip Cop? The name says it all right there.

      First of all, no one knows the real reason as to why Lindsay missed her flight out of Hawaii. Until we hear from Linday’s rep as to what happened, it’s nothing but pure speculation at this point.

      Second of all, Lindsay missed the scheduled shoot of Ellen, it doesn’t mean she “bailed” on Ellen – where does it say Lindsay or her rep said this?

      Finally, let’s give Lindsay some credit here folks. She may have made a little mistake here or there in her career but she’s still in high demand, as made apparent by the Playboy shoot.


      • Whether this is true or not, I still say she has no idea what responsibility is and she couldn’t act her way out of a cardboard box. Never liked her and never will.

      • Mee Mee

        Oh look, Dina’s going by Randal now.

      • Any Guy

        BWA-hahahaha. is this one of her coke dealers, or perhaps her mother? oh wait, same person. Randal – go stick your head up some other celebrity’s ass. because Lindsay is done. DONE. losers flock to defend each other apparently. bravo.

      • Tyrone Davis

        No call to the show is discourteous Dina , er I mean Randal . She has the graces of a drive – by shooter

      • Do_Freebird

        Yes, we all need to hear from Lindsay’s rep because we know we’ll get nothing but the unvarnished truth.
        On another note: Randall, you are a pathetic asshole.

      • ThatsRidiculous

        You consider DUIs, drugs, theft, and disregard for responsibility “little mistakes”? I hope you’re not raising kids of your own.
        You want us to “give her credit” for taking her clothes off when no one else will hire her because of all of her mistakes?
        The only reason she’s in high demand is because you can’t help but stare at a train wreck.

    • On a side note, I hope Playboy sues the crap out of her.

      • Jimmy

        I’m going to guess that she missed her flight because the airline has this really strict “No cocaine allowed on the airplane” policy.

      • Misery:, Playboy won’t sue; I’m sure they are part and parcel of this whole thing. Kinda like People magazine not suing Kuntrashian for fraud; they were in on it.

      • me

        Dear Lindsey,
        Quack quack quack-quack quack quackity quack. Quack quack quack quack? Quack!

    • Marshall

      What do you mean “big comeback” she was a child star, period.
      You can’t go back to being a child.

  2. So contract law doesn’t apply to celebrities either? We already knew probation agreements barely do.

  3. Carles

    Awesome. This almost guarantees that she’ll be doing hardcore pr0n in under a year when that million runs out.

    • bored shitless

      Who the fuck would be interested in a set of cock n’ balls slapping against her bony meth butt with that shriveled up cooch screeching like an old barn door? It just can’t be a pretty sight.

    • jenyjenjen

      That million is already gone. Staying out of jail ain’t cheap.

  4. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    That girl is turning into the undead.

  5. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s up with her face?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  6. pretty vacant

    looks like even lindsay’s ass bailed on lindsay. :\

  7. JC

    I gotta ask: Why did she wear gloves while tanning?

  8. Hey Hick Fuck You!

    She’s doing this shit on purpose. Reality show deal in the works, perhaps?

    On a side note, her sister sure is ugly.

  9. ace11

    She needs a Good, stable Man..

    somebody clean cut, well set financially

    that would help her big time

    • Jimmy

      Also he must sweat vodka and his penis must be made of drugs. Without those two things it’s a deal breaker.

    • dani

      So she needs a man to be saved from herself… Walt Disney is that you?

    • Rex McCaw

      She’ s lesbo coke whore ! What universe would she have to go to to get straightened out ? She fantasizes about Heath Ledger who is dead ! She needs a stay at Atascadero State Mental hospital , not a clean – cut guy

    • Do_Freebird

      a man able to suppress his gag reflex,
      a good, rich man with most of his brain missing,
      a man who has lost the sense of smell,
      a man who has lost the sense of taste,
      a man who has lost the sense of sight,
      a man willing to watch her do it with slags who look lke men,
      a man willing to dip his rubber covered penis in finely ground cocaine (she doesn’t like to share)
      a man willing to die quickly and leave her all his money.

  10. First

    You’re missing the silver lining here, she just moved one step closer to porn. Virtually nobody will hire her now, but she still has to make money somehow. I can’t wait to see her with a cock stuffed in her ass while some dude fucks her face.

    • Otto Klempfurher

      It’s like your in my head …. Inside my brain ! This is so uncanny !!
      Do you see her with strawberry jello all over her tits with whipped cream too?

    • Raoul Duke

      MMMMM, Triple penetration of the firecrotch !
      Bukake Lohan ! Yea !

  11. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, he hit that.

  12. Completely asinine.

  13. Frank Burns

    Oh come on now, if you could find a way out of talking to Ellen DeGeneres, wouldn’t you take it too?

    • Odious_One

      How does that dyke stay on TV? Who watches her ? She gives me the creeps after 20 or 30 seconds . I couldn’t be in the same room with her for long even if she was giving her girlfriend a 12 inch strap- on lesson in pain !

  14. Jo

    It was a morning flight so you do the math. Nothin worse than having to drag your pancake granny ass out of bed when you’ve been up all night drinking and snorting lines.

    She is absolutely hopeless. She will be pleased with herselft when the judge commends her on complying with her probation. good girl ::pats head:: here’s a scooby snack .. it only took you 5 years to do it. Loser.

  15. Clarence Beeks

    This was a chance at a legitimate interview, and the schmuck blew it.

    There is no hope for her. Seriously.

  16. anthonyOA

    I’ve been waiting forever for a sequel to Herbie.

  17. SisterRay

    Can she just die already?

  18. Venom

    I read a completely different story to this one on TMZ. From what I gathered from there she missed the flight and offered to reshoot it today, but they can’t so they have to do it another time, and her judge has commended her from what she has been doing so far.

    People miss flights all the time, it happens and Ellen will be more than happy to have her on anytime, she is a guaranteed high rating show.

  19. I’m surprised to see Gollum promoting The Hobbit before the trailer’s even been released.

  20. Do_Freebird

    The eternal ideal of feminine beauty and Slorehan do have someting in common. Marilyn embalmed body and Lindsays vagina smell about the same.
    Seriously, this is just one more Hollywood bridge that Lohan has burned down to the ground. Does anyone think that the Ellen show will want anything to do with her in the future. DeGeneres is considered on of the nicest people in a cut throat business and even she has washed her hands of the morgue emplyee of the month.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    Sometimes, dead is better!

  22. So what does “bailed” translate to in lesbo sex-speak?

  23. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Ali Lohan carrying her diet menu for the week, a bag of low-calorie air, through the Los Angeles airport.

  24. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Ali is sooooo HOT right now

  25. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
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    She can see your soul

  26. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Awwww, cabbage patch lindseee

  27. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    every bit of her body seems to be covered with different skin tones

  28. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t hold up a bag Ali, those tibias will snap

  29. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:


  30. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Ali, plus-sized models are out this year! Lose some weight, fatty, no one is going to put on a wide-angle less to capture your wide ass!

  31. Mimebasher

    Everyone misses flights but when you have an important interview in an attempt to show you have changed and are serious about working again and promote yourself along with your playboy shoot then you make that flight. The excuse of transportation problems is a waste because she knew of this interview two months in advance. She could not make the interview but made an after party. Normal actors yes they may have the ability to fly that excuse but Ms. Lohan has used up her excuse list and then some. Time for her to fess up, Grow up and get her head right because after this she will be lucky if she gets a porn job because they are not strict but they don’t put up with B.S. either. The only lines I see in her future are “Want fries with that”

  32. umumum

    She’s basically a typical spoiled chick from the me generation–to get her naked, you have to pay her, make sure her mom approves, oh and she doesn’t take it up the butt.

  33. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Idk why everyone is on Lindsays case while this girl is slowly dying in front of our eyes.

    Ali seems to be the real victim of Hollywood. Not Lindsay.

  34. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Aaron Carter

  35. Lindsay Lohan Ali Lohan Missed Flight
    Commented on this photo:

    Blohan is such a caring soul. She gets her younger sibling to carry her fashion-bag-fabricated-out-of-cocaine onto the mainland, so if the ruse is found out, she avoids copping responsibility for it.

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