Lindsay Lohan’s Philipp Plein Shoot Looks Different Than We Remember

Back in September, Lindsay Lohan shocked the world by actually finding work at Fashion Week in Milan that somehow didn’t involve blowing swarthy billionaire hotel owners in a pile of coke. Apparently designer Philipp Plein genuinely fell in love with her face because, unlike all the bruises and other hooker wounds, he actually left Lindsay’s old teeth intact in the final product after shooting her in Milan. So on that note, we took the liberty of showcasing before-and-after shots of Lindsay’s Philipp Plein campaign, and you’ll be surprised to learn there was digital trickery afoot. Which seems gratuitous because Lindsay’s naturally beautiful, I know, but for some reason they felt impecabble genes and a childhood pressed into casting couches weren’t good enough. And I don’t want to get on my soapbox here, but this is exactly why young girls have eating disorders. Perfection just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Photos: Splash News