Lindsay Lohan’s Partying Already? Noooo

August 9th, 2013 // 39 Comments
Premieres Are Triggers!
Lindsay Lohan The Canyons
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Lindsay Lohan has been out of rehab for nine whole days, and amazingly she’s made it this long without eyewitnesses seeing she’s full of shit and hasn’t changed a bit. On that note, remember how she couldn’t attend The Canyons premiere because it’d be full of triggers for a recovering addict? Apparently partying in a hotel with Max George and The Wanted is a more safe and nurturing environment. Page Six reports:

One source said: “The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining. Lindsay was there with Max George. The Wanted have been staying at the Mondrian for days, and Lindsay, who briefly dated Max a while back, was partying with the band. She and her sister Ali were spotted waiting in the hotel lobby for the band.
“There were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down and Lindsay had to be taken out of there by security at 7 a.m. She was with her sister, and people who saw Lindsay when she left the hotel said she looked a total mess. She looked so beat up.”
A rep for Lohan told us last night of that account, “I highly doubt this is true.”

And because she’s an idiot, Lindsay tweeted the above pic of herself being so drunk Shaq had to carry her home. (I’m kidding! He turned around and threw her like a shot put.)

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  1. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    They say the buzz is tremendous when you start drinking again after drying out. Not that we’d know anything about that, of course.

    The drying out part, that is. She just thinks of it as reloading.

  2. Frank Burns

    Can’t blame her – I’d kinda like Shaq to carry me around too.

  3. ruckus

    You can always tell when Lindsey has been partying. She gets all droopy in her right eye. Basically, she drinks till she looks like Paris.

  4. least she got her teeth fixed!!

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s the new sober & serious LiLo. Uh-huh.
    Well a girl turned loose from rehab just wants to have fun, catch up with friends, get laid, etc etc.
    Please don’t get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

  6. cc

    She didn’t go to rehab for semen did she? She can consume as much of that as she wants.

  7. Did she steal Shaq’s phone?

  8. Mensa awards for everyone!

  9. Lindsay Lohan Max George Dream Hotel Stolen Sweatshirt
    Commented on this photo:

    Nope, nothin’ on board here.

  10. Oh please … please drop her, Shaq. Right on that empty head of hers.

  11. Dina Lohan

    It’s going to be really annoying when she dies and all the entertainment reporters start talking about what a “tragedy” the loss of this freckled mess is.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Max George Dream Hotel Stolen Sweatshirt
    Jack Ketch
    Commented on this photo:

    Except that the cheek implants look like shit, that’s all.

  13. Lindsay Lohan Max George Dream Hotel Stolen Sweatshirt
    Pepper's Pot
    Commented on this photo:

    yup, totally sober. no drugs anywhere

  14. Urbanspaceman

    My worst fear is that the constant smile on her face is from getting religion in the rehab place.

  15. “I can toss you into your car from here. Swish, right through the sun roof. It’ll be as easy as a free throw—wait, why are you trembling all of a sudden?”

  16. jake

    “…turned around and threw her like a shot put”

    The shot can’t be any worse than his freethrows.

  17. well crap, now Shaq has hand herpes. too bad, I always liked him.

  18. Helena Handbasket

    Why do black folks always get stuck taking out the trash?

  19. brian

    Do it, Shaq. Split that ass like a rotten melon and give her something other than booze to think about.

  20. BetterBelieveIt

    I really would like a few hours making love to Lindsay. She is SO HOT!!!

  21. anon

    Are you a troll or are you just on drugs? do you need drugs? eye glasses? a new monitor?

  22. Lindsay Lohan Max George Dream Hotel Stolen Sweatshirt
    Commented on this photo:

    Have you ever watched The Parent Trap?

    Have you watched The Parent Trap ON WEED?

    -jon stewart

  23. whatever

    So going to a party and staying until 7 am, surrounded by drunks and drugs is something she enjoyed? Sober?
    Clearly that is the life she wants and desires.
    It wont be a month until she gets picked up by the law and thrown in rehab again.
    Or remember what happened to Amy Winehouse, she was sober for a while and then she couldn’t handle what she used to ingest when she started using alcohol again.

  24. “Lindsay, I’m gonna take you home and fuck you stupid.”

    “What, again?”

  25. Lindsay Lohan Max George Dream Hotel Stolen Sweatshirt
    Commented on this photo:

    That dude’s comb-over is almost as bad as her extensions. Almost.

  26. Trish

    Her sober coach is with her and she’s been friends with Max for a while, i see no evidence of her falling off the wagon. You people wish but it hasn’t happened, yet.

    • Trish: another starfucker troll never to be seen again (at least with the same handle) when the inevitable posts of drunk/high/gangbanged up her ass Lohan start rolling in.

  27. puddleduck

    drunk, high, whatever….she still looks like hammered shit

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