Lindsay Lohan Parties The Night After She Promises to Put Herself On House Arrest

Posted by Photo Boy

Lindsay Lohan has done exactly everything wrong that a person on probation could possibly do including, but not limited to buying drugs on camera, blowing off community service, and most recently committing another hit and run. Yet, in the eyes of the state of California, she’s doing fantastic, which is why it makes absolutely no sense that she would decide to change anything at all for the last two weeks of her sentence. TMZ reports:

According to our sources, the latest incident prompted people close to Lindsay to beg her to stop going out at night until her probation is over. We’re told Lindsay agreed and will now only leave her house when she really has to … like for her court ordered community service at the morgue.

I guess the bar she was spotted leaving – the night directly after her hit and run – counted as something she “really had to do.” Their vodka’s probably medicinal. But, if you believe anything Lindsay says at this point, you’re probably the kind of person who thinks Kim Kardashian is successful because she’s a smart businesswoman who worked really hard, or that Snooki’s baby isn’t already drowning in random semen and pickle juice. Then again, a bunch of those Teen Moms did end up spending their reality show paychecks on implants and shoving them into bikinis, so well played, women ages 17-43, Well played…

Photos: Pacific Coast News