Lindsay, Paris & Nicky Went On A Bender

Presumably around the time everyone paid attention when she walked off an interview with ABC News like a spoiled cunt-princess, Paris Hilton has finally come to terms with the fact that people only want to see her act like a drunken slorebox which explains why she spent the past three days partying with Lindsay Lohan in an attempt to recreate the glory days of yore. Except these two wunderkinds managed to fuck even that up by substituting Paris’ sister for Britney Spears. You gotta have a wild card, and Nicky Hilton is practically Mormon. Granted, she’s clearly had way too much white zin in these pics and beat up a homeless guy once, that’s what rich people are supposed to do or they kick you out of the yacht club. I saw it on Real Housewives once. Or imagined it while bleeding from the eyes and ears. Close enough.

Photo: Splash News