Lindsay & Paris Love Each Other Again

I’m not gonna lie: I mostly posted this just to see if the two of them combined would form one interesting “celebrity.” They didn’t. So here’s Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton having dinner together last night after spending a half decade making jealous, catty remarks about the other epically swirling down the obscurity toilet faster than the other. Even better, Lindsay brought her 17-year-old sister Ali along because, just like when your mom made the neighbor kid sleep over to give you chicken pox- well, you can see where this is going. (True story: My aunt actually did that with my cousins, my brother and I while my parents somehow managed to afford a trip to the Bahamas and my brother, who was barely three at the time, ended up in the hospital with a crazy fever. I don’t know why I just mentioned that, but something had to jazz this post up.)

Photos: Aspahan/AKM Images