Lindsay Lohan Offered Betty Ford Accuser $25,000 To Shut Up

Confirming what pretty much anyone even vaguely familiar with the situation already assumed, Dawn Holland – the Betty Ford worker Lindsay Lohan assaulted (There’s no allegedly now.) – was offered $25,000 to keep quiet along with an agreement to set up photos and interviews with Lindsay so everyone could cash in on this situation. The deal eventually fell through prompting Dawn to fire her lawyer, according to RadarOnline:

“Dawn wanted the amount paid upfront. But Lohan’s camp wanted to spread it out over a period of a few months, paying her in installments.
“That didn’t suit Dawn, so the parties then agreed, in principle, for Lindsay to participate in a sit-down television interview with Dawn.” The plan was for Dawn’s camp to shop the interview to various media outlets.
“When the deal didn’t materialize, Dawn became frustrated, fired her lawyer and engaged new legal counsel.”
When asked by for comment, Davidson said: “It is true that Ms. Holland and I are not working together on this case or any other, and the decision was mutual.
Without confirming or denying that there were in fact civil settlement negotiations, if in fact there were negotiation they would be confidential, and I would therefore be prohibited on commenting on it.”

Wait a minute. Lindsay Lohan has $25,000 lying around to spend on witness tampering? The same Lindsay Lohan who can’t find work because no movie studio will insure her? She’s definitely dealing. You know, I’ve always suspected it, but at the same time, assumed no one would be stupid enough to leave her alone with the product for more than 30 seconds.

DRUGLORD: Alright, puta, here’s the package. *sets on the table* Now to turn around for a second and pour me some of this delicious cafe mi abuela made….


DRUGLORD: Puta, where’s the package? I thought I just gave it to you.
LINDSAY: I dunno.
DRUGLORD: Loco… Well, here’s one. Must be getting forgetful in my old age, ah, puta?
LINDSAY: Probably. Can you turn around again?

Photos: Flynet