CONFIRMED: Lindsay™ Won’t Be in The ‘Gotti’ Movie

Two days ago, Gotti: Three Generations producer Marc Fiore was raving about Lindsay Lohan and claiming he was not only going to cast her as Victoria Gotti but had another role for her in his next movie, too. Then he spent the past 48 hours dealing with her management team (i.e. Dina). Guess how that went. TMZ reports:

Executive Producer Mark Fiore tells TMZ … he has ended negotiations with Lindsay’s team because, “It just didn’t work for me.” Sources involved on both sides tell TMZ … money was an issue, but the various demands of her management team just got out of control.
Fiore wanted Lindsay to play Victoria Gotti, but says “I will only ride a merry-go-round with my kids,” suggesting Lindsay’s team was just too tough to deal with.

If this proves anything, it proves this: Lindsay Lohan isn’t serious about being a actress. If she was, she would’ve taken this role for peanuts just to prove she’s worth hiring again and won’t derail an entire production. Instead, she demanded a bunch of ridiculous shit because that’s entirely what she’s in this for: Tchotchkes, pampering and making sure her mom gets a free ride for crapping her out. Seriously, they might as well become a mother/daughter con-artist team at this point which, honestly, has to be way less work. An entire month of showing up on set, or a five-minute oil baron handjob while your mom holds a stethoscope to his safe? I don’t see how that’s even an argument.

Photos: Pacific Coast News