CONFIRMED: Lindsay™ Won’t Be in The ‘Gotti’ Movie

April 20th, 2011 // 38 Comments

Two days ago, Gotti: Three Generations producer Marc Fiore was raving about Lindsay Lohan and claiming he was not only going to cast her as Victoria Gotti but had another role for her in his next movie, too. Then he spent the past 48 hours dealing with her management team (i.e. Dina). Guess how that went. TMZ reports:

Executive Producer Mark Fiore tells TMZ … he has ended negotiations with Lindsay’s team because, “It just didn’t work for me.” Sources involved on both sides tell TMZ … money was an issue, but the various demands of her management team just got out of control.
Fiore wanted Lindsay to play Victoria Gotti, but says “I will only ride a merry-go-round with my kids,” suggesting Lindsay’s team was just too tough to deal with.

If this proves anything, it proves this: Lindsay Lohan isn’t serious about being a actress. If she was, she would’ve taken this role for peanuts just to prove she’s worth hiring again and won’t derail an entire production. Instead, she demanded a bunch of ridiculous shit because that’s entirely what she’s in this for: Tchotchkes, pampering and making sure her mom gets a free ride for crapping her out. Seriously, they might as well become a mother/daughter con-artist team at this point which, honestly, has to be way less work. An entire month of showing up on set, or a five-minute oil baron handjob while your mom holds a stethoscope to his safe? I don’t see how that’s even an argument.

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  1. The Critical Crassness

    I think that what Lindsay should have demanded for doing the Gotti role is a hit on her mom! It is beginning to look a whole lot like,Dina, will stop at nothing to sabotage Lindsay’s career, which proves that “druggy” logic runs rampant in the Lohan clan.

  2. MrsWrong

    Imagine that…Lindsay and out-of-control in the same sentence…who woulda thunk it….well..Im over it…whats next…

  3. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    H is for Herpes…like the one on her lip!

  4. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    I know people like her as a red head…but with all those freckles on her chest I have to give her credit for avoiding going full-ginge

  5. Apparently he hasn’t gotten around to telling the other “producer” to take down his press links about her ( yet.

  6. Lohan Stole my Necklace

    Shocker. You would think her performance in that kid movie 12 year ago would have guaranteed her any role she wants.

  7. Snooki's Taint

    How does this prove anything about Lindsay? It speaks only to her management team. She is with Creative Artists Agency, as as far as I can tell, Dinah Lohan isn’t an employee.

    • The Critical Crassness

      If she is with CAA, that speaks volumes about the Lindsay Lohan Saga. Not only are her mother and father wacked out psychos but her management agency has been accused of spreading lies and misleading information about people in the industry who are considered threats to their clients’ success. Most notable case of that type is Vanessa Hudgens because Zac Ephron is also managed by CAA. There has also been speculation that the entire Selena Gomez/Justin Beiber relationship drama was orchestrated by CAA who manages Gomez, as a publicity campaign.

  8. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Lindsay has plenty of stock remaining from her legging line…I guess $600 was a bit steep for her target audience of cracked out waifs who like leggings, can afford them(after all the crack) AND live in a climate where they can be worn year round(anorexia helps, keeps you cold)

  9. Randal

    Did she get her application in at McDonalds yesterday. It’s perfect for her, they don’t drug test.


  10. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    You dont have to hide your face, Ali…we know who is following the little coke trail Lindsay leaves in her wake

  11. end of the day she still has some sweet sweatermeat

  12. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Dad follows the money, you follow the coke, and evidently Dina is inexplicably drawn to Carvel Ice Cream

  13. Hugh Gentry

    HAHAHAHAHA. She can’t even get shitty roles now. I still love she sweater puppies.

  14. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Ali’s jacket looked WAAAY better of Sofia Vergara

  15. LJ

    I can imagine that the Victoria Gotti part in this movie is little more than a “walk-on”, as she got married at 22, and when her father was sentenced to life in prison in 1992 denied any and all of the allegations against him.

    So there’s probably a nice wedding and reception scene in the script where Lindsay would appear as Victoria.

    So the producer probably sent over a standard contract for her to sign, and her “management team” came back with requirements for a trailer, her own wardrobe and makeup people, and a guarantee for a larger part than is currently in the script.

    So the producer are saying, “Sign what we give you or go away.”

  16. mike nike

    I can’t even fathom why anyone would give her an acting role. Have you seen her acting? Terrible. And her singing is even worse. Plus she has a freckled pussy.

  17. Woody Long

    She can’t get insurance to underwrite her . She’s done as far as a real movie goes .

  18. I’m sure she’ll be quacking herself to sleep over it tonight.

  19. Imoss

    Whats new here? Another pretty girl expecting to have everything handed to her. No matter how much she fucks up.

  20. Fubar

    She ought to hookup with Charlie Sheen. She can be the fluffer for his show.

  21. cc

    So she gave all those blowjobs for nothing?

  22. Motorboat Captain

    One step closer to porn. Yessssss…….

  23. Why is Lohan still relevant?

  24. PtC

    According to The AP, she got the part of Junior Gotti’s wife in that show.

    • akewlazzmom

      Yep, whats what I was just coming over to say.
      She’s “allegedly” taking the part that was offered to Lardassian. Good point, Kartrashian is out now. Bad point, the parts taken over (“allegedly”) by LL. Either way, its not an Oscar™ winning part. Hopefully not many lines.

    • LJ

      Now, there’s Dina at work.

  25. Burt

    Is it really surprising that she has as sense of self-entitlement? Didn’t some ice cream parlor take away its “free ice cream for life card” from her because she abusing the privilege by loaning it to her mother who would show up making huge orders?

  26. Well, there goes her last shot at a legitimate paying gig. I guess in the next few months, the porn industry will finally answer the age-old question, “What does a duck giving a blowjob look like?”

  27. the captain

    lilo again?

  28. Billy Rubin

    Does anyone think she won’t be giving head in the back seat of a car for blow in 2 years ?

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