Lindsay Lohan Admits She Moved Next to Sam On Purpose, Isn’t Going Anywhere

January 6th, 2011 // 52 Comments

While reports suggested she had no idea her apartment was directly next to Samantha Ronson’s and planned to move to avoid any problems, Lindsay Lohan actually took the time to deny those reports and essentially made it clear she’s a crazy person who isn’t going anywhere. E! News reports:

When quizzed by E! News about whether she had any intention of moving, Lohan replied with an emphatic “No,” and then laughed off the question.

“Haha! NO. Why would I move when I can make sure she doesn’t have a new girlfriend for me to kill? That’s just stupid. Now talk about how cured I am. I’m totally like a new person.” *snoorrrrrtttt*

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  1. Poison Ivy League

    That poor apartment complex is going to be covered in snail trails.

  2. Duh, ya think...

    Of course she planed it. This was cooked up by both of them in order to garner a bunch of free publicity courtesy of TMZ, RO, x17, and the Fish.

  3. Jumpin_J

    I’m shocked… (yawn)… shocked I tell ya.

  4. Hugh Gentry

    I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!! 2011 will be so awesome for Lohan.

  5. GravyLeg

    Like we needed someone to tell us she was “going nowhere”.

  6. Rhialto

    I’ll be damned, is this really true?

  7. xtuna

    i like her scarf

  8. Deacon Jones

    She’s so hot.

  9. The shock that wasn’t heard ’round the world.

  10. Marley

    She does look surprisingly cute in these pics. Good for her. or something.

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Who the fuck pays for this junkies lifestyle?

    • I’m betting on Toni Braxton. She’s $50M in the hole because she was fueling LiLo’s coke habit.

      How sad would that be? Having to pose in Playboy at 40-ish because LiLo put you in the poorhouse. Hey, Dina, don’t get any ideas.

      • Shit, wait… that would be the other way around, wouldn’t it? The 40-year-old-looking LiLo would have to pose in Playboy because her mother put her in the poorhouse.

        I gotta stop drinking so much at work.

      • Cock Dr

        Tell em it’s for medicinal purposes.

      • lightdragon

        Dina in a nude pictoria for Playboy.

        wonder how many people would jerk-off to it, let alone buy it.

  12. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    “If I didn’t spend all my money on food I could drive a Mercedes too. You skinny little b****.”

  13. Well she knows she can fuck over the law and get away with being a coke head and an alcoholic driver, so why the fuck not just go ALL out and become a stalker bitch TOO. She won’t get into any trouble…

  14. Linds is carrying her leather, studded, cocaine carryall. ” It can carry crack too she says proudly.”

  15. Lindsay Lohan
    Mark Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    Why are we even talking about this stupid cunt. We are keeping their careers alive. The Kardashians…………Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people are stupid for watching that shite.

  16. lightdragon

    Lindsay wants it clear that her moving will be a symbolism of her acting career.

  17. What a stupid bitch

    What a psycho whore. It’s obvious that she loves drama, loves publicity, loves doing stupid things just to get noticed. I’m done reading about her & commenting about her; she’s the biggest waste of time ever. So long, whorehan; you’ll be dead in 3 months, tops.

  18. Person

    Am I the only one that thought it was Dina Lohan in the picture at first?

    • Yikes. Now that you mention it…image of things to come I guess.

      Sort of related: anyone read how Michael Lohan called Jamie Lee Curtis his daughter’s second mother today? (they were in Freaky friday together). What a wonderful passive aggressive thing to say towards your ex-wife, and what a supportive father he must be. I honestly think LL would’ve been better off had she been raised by wolves.

  19. !!!!!!!

    sam must have some serious oral skills to have this trick acting all stalkerish!

  20. S'up Bitches

    Hey Lindsay, I just saw Sam the other night, making out with this hot little big tittied blonde. They were really going at it. Before I knew it, Sam was knuckle deep in that little slut, who really seemed to enjoy it. Mmmm, by the way, this chcolate martini tastes awsome, want one? Rehab? Oh Lindsay, you never had a drinking problem. They were just trying to get you to lay off the coke. There ya go….steady on girl…..whoa, the whole pitcher Lindsay? Sure I’ll make another one. My pistol? Sure you can borrow it, it’s in the left side top drawer. Gee, I don’t know, Sam usually gets home about four after spinning records. Why is your face so red?

  21. I can’t help but think back to one of the earlier Fish comments….SKREEEEEEEE!

  22. nes

    why is she chasing after man sam really sam looks like a drug user who needs to take a bath ewww

    lindsay can do better

  23. whatta pair

    I smell a restraining order…

  24. Lux

    The first 24-hours of a new weave are always the happiest.

  25. Vito

    Hmmm…Dina in Playboy? Maybe if they covered her face. With a Humvee.

    Hell, Lindsay had to inherit those tits from someone!

  26. cc

    Well, at least she doesn’t look smelly in this pic.

    BTW, where the hell does she get money from? What was her last paying gig?

  27. Fatpeepsrpeeps2

    Cokeheads are hilarious. I love how when they lie (always) they try so hard to include all sorts of little details that they think helps make their lies more believable. Right now the only thing Lindsay & her parents are worried about is acquiring cash and turning it into cocaine, booze, plastic surgery, cars and shoes as quickly as possible.

  28. wim

    she just hopes the paparazzi will come her way now…….

    so…………………IGNORE THIS BITCH!!

  29. What a stupid bitch

    Here’s an interesting thing on another website:

    “This mother of a troubled star is totally destroying her child’s chance of recovery. Mommy’s idea of celebrating her daughter’s release from rehab is to do shots with her darling daughter. She is also fully aware that her daughter was moving next door to another enabler and put up the money for the deposit. And now she’s paid off a worker whose accusations could have landed Mommy’s meal ticket behind bars. Well done, Mommy! You really should be given an award for outstanding parenting. Oh, wait.” (Blind Gossip)

    So, apparently, stupid braindead attention whore dina lohan is already drinking with her stupid alcoholic daughter, intentionally put her up next to another enabler (uber dyke ronson) and has no intention of letting her daughter get well. Someone needs to snipe this mommy dearest bitch IMMEDIATELY…

  30. LJ

    I had previously estimated that we would see Lindsay snorting coke off the sidewalk in July, but with her Mom’s (enabler) involvement in her release, her renting down the street from Sam Rosen (people and places).

    Since Sam works in nightclubs, Lindsay will have to show up at the clubs, and Mom will book the appearance money.

    If the Judge doesn’t send her away for parole violations, she’ll be lucky to last until the end of April before we see pictures of her with a straw up her nose.

  31. strange tributes

    Her vagina like wizard sleeve

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