Lindsay Lohan Won’t Swear Under Oath That She Had A Miscarriage Now

May 14th, 2014 // 28 Comments
I, Uh, Had A Miscarriage!
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Because, in her mind, saying she had a miscarriage got her out of a bunch of shit with her reality show, Lindsay Lohan decided to play that card again in her lawsuit against 6126 that she lost because didn’t file papers in time. (Why couldn’t she get them in? Miscarriage!) Except now 6126′s lawyers want her to testify under oath that she actually lost a baby because they’re not fucking idiots. TMZ reports:

[B]ut Lindsay is balking … her lawyer saying, “The court does not need the media circus that would ensue if counsel is allowed to invade Lohan’s privacy and delve into her mental state regarding her sobriety and miscarriage.”

That’s right. The lawyer for Lindsay Lohan, the same Lindsay Lohan who starred on a reality show that aired her private life on cable television and culminated in a season finale where she openly claims she suffered a miscarriage, is now deeply concerned about her privacy. Of course, if Lindsay conveniently didn’t go to a doctor there’s no way to prove she did or didn’t have a miscarriage. Unless… you cut open her uterus and count the rings which you pretty much have to at this point. Are we not a nation of laws?

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  1. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    Take care of those things, sweetheart.

  2. JC

    How dare they ask her to repeat her bullshit excuse in court! Her excuse should be legally binding, but she shouldn’t have to say it in court! What vultures!

  3. margaret

    I can’t explain why I still want to make it with that flabby freckle fatbagel just once. Maybe that is the larger dilemma that keeps her around. There are hotter chicks walking past my place right now. Far hotter. Whattupwiddat?

    • malaka

      you’re immortalizing an illusion that is the legend of perky underage lindsay.
      perhaps you have some kind of cigarette burns, whiskey breath, sociopath fetish.
      you also still wanna bang amy fisher and amy winehouse.
      am i in the ballpark here?

    • JimBB

      It’s kind of like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectible cups at Burger King. They’re only available for a limited time.

      You can be one of the only 6,000 or so people who had banged her before she ODed. Offer available for a very limited time.

  4. She just makes me tired. I wish someone would convince her that a snuff film is just the shot in the arm her stalled career needs.

    • Randy

      Be serious. Why would she do someting that she could only get paid for once; Tijuana donkey shows would be so much more profitable.

  5. Bob

    Has someone explained to her it’s not a miscarriage if a doctor performs it?

  6. anonym

    dumb lying cunt

  7. I can’t believe they won’t just take her word for it. I mean, it’s not like she’s ever said anything that wasn’t the absolute truth. They’re really denigrating her sense of honesty and fair play. Bastards!

  8. Jack Ketch


  9. JimBB

    She should do a lesbian porn with teen mom Farrah Abraham called “The Parent Lap”.

  10. Having a miscarriage implies that someone is banging her, something I couldn’t do myself.

    I think I’d bang Tan Mom or Lena Dunham before I hit that.

  11. HA! Anyone associated with Lohan complaining about a circus??? That’s like Kris Jenner complaining about the smell of Kim and the Wookie.

    OK, that’s a crap joke, but at least i got to nail the kartrashians!

  12. cc

    Would she swear under oath to having consumed more white powder then Betty Crocker?

  13. Stupid bitch is a pathological liar. She should have no problem lying in court. She’ll blow a doctor and get him to forge some papers for her.

  14. kery

    She is so stupid bitch!!

  15. Lindsay Lohan Braless Shopping
    Commented on this photo:

    “Let’s go to a retail store. I need to shoplift a bra.”

  16. zen

    All you horny whiners would love to have sex with her

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