Lindsay Lohan Won’t Swear Under Oath That She Had A Miscarriage Now

Because, in her mind, saying she had a miscarriage got her out of a bunch of shit with her reality show, Lindsay Lohan decided to play that card again in her lawsuit against 6126 that she lost because didn’t file papers in time. (Why couldn’t she get them in? Miscarriage!) Except now 6126’s lawyers want her to testify under oath that she actually lost a baby because they’re not fucking idiots. TMZ reports:

[B]ut Lindsay is balking … her lawyer saying, “The court does not need the media circus that would ensue if counsel is allowed to invade Lohan’s privacy and delve into her mental state regarding her sobriety and miscarriage.”

That’s right. The lawyer for Lindsay Lohan, the same Lindsay Lohan who starred on a reality show that aired her private life on cable television and culminated in a season finale where she openly claims she suffered a miscarriage, is now deeply concerned about her privacy. Of course, if Lindsay conveniently didn’t go to a doctor there’s no way to prove she did or didn’t have a miscarriage. Unless… you cut open her uterus and count the rings which you pretty much have to at this point. Are we not a nation of laws?

Photos: Malibu Joe/AKM-GSI