Lindsay Lohan Might Do 30 Days in Jail

September 21st, 2010 // 43 Comments
Michael Lohan With a Lindsay Lookalike in NYC


“By remanding her directly to custody, Lindsay would stay behind bars until the probation violation hearing, she wouldn’t allowed to get out early. The probation violation hearing could be set for the following week, or as much as 30 days from now. If it’s set for 30 days from now, Lindsay will remain behind bars during that time if that is what Judge Fox decides.”
And, of course, Lindsay is looking at even more jail time after the probation violation hearing, thanks to testing positive for cocaine.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tear* Her dad picks up chicks that looks like her.

Wait, did someone try to say Lindsay might go back to jail? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. douchus

    is that chick a long lost Lohan or what

  2. Christina Spears

    That bitch would blow a bum for a hit of crack.

  3. Taz

    Nice tits!

  4. V

    and yet by looking at her disgusting father I almost feel bad for her and understand where she’s coming from.


  5. Dank

    Actually she looks more like Ali than Lindsay which is even more disgusting. Michael Lohan is a fucking scumbag. He doesnt want his daughter to get clean. As long as this asshole has his mug on a paper or magazine next to some cheap whore, he’s happy.

  6. Glofrot

    Celebrity justice is a fucking joke. She’ll get NOTHING and like it.

  7. Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohans mother are why she is the way she is now. Michael lohan is a turd. He’s almost as bad as Spencer Pratt. Actually he is worse because he is living off the past success of his daughter, raised her in such a way as to promote Lindsay turning into what she is today, and doesn’t give a crap about where she ends up.

  8. jay

    Lindsay is still a FUCKING CUNT. All comments from here on should include the word CUNT. That is all


  9. eliz

    gross, nasty STD family. make them go away.

  10. RoboZombie

    You know, despite her shortcomings and drug abuse, I think we can all agree that Lindsay Lohan is a dirty, dirty whore.

  11. Drew

    Whatever, I’d let that chick snort coke out of my ass.

  12. More of the bartender !

  13. Wth is that ali behind the bar or daddy just likes girls who look like his daughters? Something lilo said in machete made me very suspicious of him..

    Lindsay how bout a fuck for the road. Ill bring coke. And condoms. *Lots* of condoms..

  14. jay

    I’ve always imagined that one day she’ll be found in an L.A. dumpster and how happy I would be and no one would give a rats ass and we all just move on with our daily lives cuz no one really gives a shit about her anyways. what a fucking cunt

  15. This was taken at hogs and heifers in New York City, can’t ID the bartender though.

  16. Alex

    48 hrs max behind bars. The legal system applicable to persons of interest is governed by a group of ultra-rich Jewish people. Why do you think so many lawyers and judges alike just “quit” a case? The only time you ever hear of that happening is when persons of interest are involved. This group controls slush funds that exceed billions of dollars. Paying off the legal system is chump change.

    However, having persons of interest not making movies and headlines…not chump change.

  17. Drundel

    Woah, so who is the chick in the pict with ML? Nice tits!

  18. I'd bang it

    great rack

  19. Lady Blah Blah

    The father is gross, the mother is gross, Lindsay has become gross, I feel sorry for the sister who is on her way to grossdom. Doesn’t the father box? I’d like to see him put in a ring with the douche (Spencer, who else?) where they could use any weapons other than guns and crossbows and such in a fight to the death. The winner of the match would be killed by having their face surgically attached to Sam Ronson’s mangina.

  20. tally

    wow this site sucks balls. i came here to read up on gossips and all i get is HAHAHAHAH … real professional

  21. tally


  22. I”d like to see more of the bartender. and by more I mean her boobs.

  23. baha. best commentary ebber.

  24. anonymous

    more bartender and her boobs less cock on the left

  25. Eff ML

    Is that Ali he’s posing with? If not, she could sure pass as her sister.

  26. absinthe

    He won’t even care when Lindsay dies (which will surely be soon) because he knows he’ll be making a pretty penny off of it. Imagine all the interviews of him “mourning the tragic lo$$.”

  27. Sure, she might. Also, tomorrow I might run the Boston Marathon. Or touch a real boob, who knows!

  28. RickLaF

    Throw this fucking cunt into Gen Pop & watch her get violated 6 ways to Sunday.

    Oh, and she’s quite the cunty cunt, isn’t she?!?!? CUNT. Little sister’s on a collision course with cuntiness too, it seems.

  29. Brooke

    I’m pretty sure that girl is one of his illegitimate daughters or something. She looks JUST like Lindsay in her teens… and that’s all sorts of creepy. Yet, not so surprising.

  30. captain america

    she wasn’t used to it anyway.

  31. Obvious

    Get fuck you fingernails on every finger and get your ass to court. If one got you 23/90 days. 8 should get you 30 minutes on 30 days.

  32. Ben Doverman

    How many chins does this a-hole on wheels (without the wheels) have? Damn that that bitch fine too! Hopefully she resisted his douchbaggery and avoided his plague.

  33. Luke

    she wouldn’t allowed?

  34. hooplala

    how the fuck is this bitch not dead already, why can’t they just inject her and be done with her, they done michael jackson and he was worth something, fuck off from the face of this planet lyndsay…you worthless useless mk piece of shit……

  35. Hales

    Lindsay won’t do a lick of time for this. Just like the judge sings in the Simpson’s Broadway Musical “Kickin’ It (a musical journey through the Betty Ford Center)”
    “I should put you away where you can’t kill or maim us. But this is L.A. and you’re rich and famous!”

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