Lindsay Lohan Is Smoking Meth, Crack, Says Michael Lohan

I don’t even have to write anything, do I?

Michael Lohan must owe a metric shit-ton of child support again because he’s reverted back to his old habit of shoving his face in the press to expose as many details about Lindsay Lohan as he can while the iron’s hot. This time around, he followed up yesterday’s court hearing by going on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell and saying Lindsay’s teeth (Which she’s since fixed.) are the result of smoking crack and/or meth. Via RadarOnline:

“That’s from smoking a pipe with meth or crack,” Michael said about Lindsay’s brown teeth. When Velez-Mitchell asked him to clarify what he meant he point blank said his daughter is abusing illegal drugs.
“She’s smoking either crack or meth, one or the other. I’m not going to shade it.”
“You can’t dance with the devil and expect to go home with Jesus.”

You can, however, kick a vagina and be invited over for brunch. That’s in the Bible.

Photo: Getty, Splash News