Lindsay Lohan Got In Drunk Bar Fight Over Max George of The Wanted

November 29th, 2012 // 19 Comments
Arrested Again
Lindsay Lohan
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Apparently the drunken punch that landed Lindsay Lohan in cuffs this morning was all over Max George of The Wanted (above) not being in the mood to bang a freckled slopbox of fail even though he has a penis and was also drunk which really says a lot about what it’s like to look at Lindsay Lohan in person. TMZ reports:

Sources say Lindsay tried to get backstage after the concert to see him — but she was blocked. Fast forward to later that evening when Lindsay met up with Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar.
The four of them — along with one of LiLo’s friends — then went to the club Avenue together.
As the evening wore on, we’re told Lindsay got drunker and drunker … and it turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay. That woman is the one Lindsay is accused of battering. (FYI — Max was also really drunk).

This also jives with Radar‘s version that has Lindsay stuffed to the funbags with coke and booze, but not with Michael Lohan‘s version that claims Dina made a dark commune with Satan allowing her soul to command Lindsay’s body leaving the broken, sucked dry carcasses of children in its wake. He’s still waiting for a second source on that, but one’ll turn up. One’ll turn up.

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  1. Gosh, what a looker.

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    that guy looks like my weed dealer with a more fashionable coat. linds should try to bang him. he has an assortment of drugs and he bangs junkies all the time.

    • James Marshall

      “Bangs Junkies ” is where Lindsay Lohan looks on Craigslist for drug supplies on a daily basis

  3. JC

    “Freckled slopbox of fail” is my new favorite thing. Lifetime should use it as a subtitle for the movie.

  4. mrsmass

    should I know what The Wanted is?

  5. Cock Dr

    This D-lister turned her down. Good for him…got a bit of brains perhaps in that shaved noggin.
    Isn’t there any court system in the land that will step up and jail her, or is containment of a “freckled slopbox of fail” simply too complicated for our penal system?

  6. cc

    I am eagerly awaiting the Olivier Martinez-Lindsay Lohan showdown.

  7. “Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?”
    — The Coasters, 1959, “Charlie Brown”
    — Lindsay Lohan, 2012 Daily Mantra

  8. She will never learn. Won’t anyone put her out of her misery?

  9. Lando Kardasisian

    Cockblocked by a mere civilian !
    Deserves at least a stomping! A couple of punches was getting off easy

  10. James Marshall

    Bye Bye Love,
    Bye Bye Happiness,
    Hello Loneliness ,
    I feel like I could Die ! ,
    Bye Bye my life Bye Bye
    Song for all Lindsay Lohan incarcerations, even if she doesn’t stay in jail

  11. Anonymous

    Isn’t the Wanted the boy band that Christina Aguilera lifted her leg and pissed on for being yet another boy band?

    I think the So Cal justice system just high fives each other whenever Lindsay is arrested because of the gangbang ball Lindsay holds to clear all charges and have her released again. There’s a lot of married cops that only get to try anal soley at these parties.

    Think the Secret Service in Columbia invented that shit?

  12. Al Bundy

    When did Joran van der Sloot bust out of jail and start partying with Linsay?

  13. Pro-Lohan

    Even tho im pro-lohan, I don’t know if I’d fuck her either. And I’m a nobody.

  14. Lindsay will, one day, end up face down in the gutter…dead. She is an accident looking for a place to happen. She knows right from wrong She prefers wrong. I have no sympathy. May she enjoy her journey down the path of self-destruction.

  15. Katy

    Beyond ALL else, YOU ARE WORTH IT! You have showed up and done YOUR best all the way thguroh this round! You are NOT going to stop now! LET’S DO THIS!

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