Lindsay Lohan’s Stalking Max George Again

Last week, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for “allegedly” punching a psychic who dared to talk to Lindsay’s boyfriend, Max George of The Wanted, if boyfriend means some dude who fucks other people while you drunkenly stalk him. So naturally she just showed up backstage at last night’s Jingle Ball in Philly (above) and was allowed to stay because you always let the chick in who’s holding. Always. Via Q102:

She was spotted backstage at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia signing an autograph sporting bright red hair and a winter cap, just before she entered the catering room with – you guessed it – The Wanted.

In the meantime, poor Charlie Sheen thought he finally found a soulmate, so now Lindsay’s missed out on an awesome new boyfriend who could’ve easily knocked out her little tax problem because it’s not like Charlie almost exclusively prefers women who look and smell like they’re repeatedly deflowered several times a day by multiple partners. She really blew it this time. Metaphorically for once.

Photos: Q102, Getty