Lindsay Lohan’s Stalking Max George Again

December 6th, 2012 // 31 Comments
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Last week, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for “allegedly” punching a psychic who dared to talk to Lindsay’s boyfriend, Max George of The Wanted, if boyfriend means some dude who fucks other people while you drunkenly stalk him. So naturally she just showed up backstage at last night’s Jingle Ball in Philly (above) and was allowed to stay because you always let the chick in who’s holding. Always. Via Q102:

She was spotted backstage at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia signing an autograph sporting bright red hair and a winter cap, just before she entered the catering room with – you guessed it – The Wanted.

In the meantime, poor Charlie Sheen thought he finally found a soulmate, so now Lindsay’s missed out on an awesome new boyfriend who could’ve easily knocked out her little tax problem because it’s not like Charlie almost exclusively prefers women who look and smell like they’re repeatedly deflowered several times a day by multiple partners. She really blew it this time. Metaphorically for once.

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  1. herbiefrog

    she could do orse than charlie

    [thanks chali...: )) ]

  2. karlito

    i think this girls brain has been permantley fried by some heavy duty drugs because i believe she thinks she’s in a never ending movie. i think that she gets up in the morning, like yesterday never happened, and she off and stumbling onto a new adventure for today. all her transgressions are nothing but a blur and she she doesn’t remember or even care…why should anyone else.

    • JC

      The only downside is that when she goes to the ATM each day to get money to buy blow, she has to experience the fresh horror of finding her accounts frozen.

  3. mark

    clearly, lindsay has just ripped a massive burst of freckled stink air in this shot. look at that dude’s eyes – he’s about to pass out from the stench! he even tried to get a finger in there to plug it up – didn’t make it in time though. freckly stink wagons are capable of some absolutely wicked farts!

  4. herbiefrog

    …sounds ike a wonderful way to live…

    let me lie

    take anothepiece..

  5. AlyLaff1002

    God, HER FACE! That botox and coke bloat really destroyed her face.

    • Arlene

      I think that might be her 1/2 gal and 2 pack-a-day habit. Nothing fucks up a face quite like a huge amount of hard alcohol and chain smoking. The botox is probably the only thing acting as a buffer.

    • Botox doesn’t cause a puffy face – but fillers and too much liquor will (Lindsay? Liquor? Nahhhh…). All botox does is erase/smooth out lines and lift eyebrows a little. Botox can be a good thing Messing around with fillers (e.g. collagen) is when one starts to change the look of her/his face.

      • mismy

        Sorry vito, but “botox can be good”?! A toxin that paralyzes your muscles? Tested on animals, in addition to no long term knowledge on humans. fuck botox

  6. The Most Interesting

    Herp & Derp.

  7. Carl Spackler

    Isn’t every guy looking for a girl with huge tax problems and an entitled mother who vacuums money out of her daughters?

    • DeWayne Johnson

      Momma is gonna ride linds all the way down !
      When she is completely down and out ,Momma is gonna concentrate on the other chillun

      • EricLr

        If the younger one doesn’t start eating, she may actually be dead before even Lindsay–which is to say, next week.

  8. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Buddy The Elf
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow Linds, you really look great!
    How many grand-kids do you have now?

  9. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Commented on this photo:

    I like what she’s done with her hands.

  10. Arlene

    Isn’t she a little old to hang out with Teen Beat cover boys? What in the hell is this bands’ agent thinking? There is no way I would let my investment near such a siphilitic herpes bomb!

  11. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Commented on this photo:

    “Who should I make it out to? ‘Hurry-up-and-die-you-rapidly-aging-Holywood-whore.’ Wow! That’s a new one. How do you spell- Hey!”

  12. Maybe it’s not always nice to be (the) Wanted.

  13. EricLr

    Just don’t breathe through your nose or stare at the sores and she’s just fine. I’ve seen worse, at truck stops.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Commented on this photo:

    “No, give me your pen. No, common, let go! I’m Lindsay Lohan! Watch, I’ll sign your shit, I was in Mean Girls!”

  15. anonym

    Lindsay Lohan is such a boner shrinker now.

    her face looks like it’s melting.
    Her ass is nonexistent,
    and she’s a fucking deadbeat leech.

  16. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Von Roughski
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like she punched that dude to the right of her.

  17. I’m expecting them to find that dude she’s stalking dead and castrated in his bathtub and Lindsay hanging from the ceiling fan in his apartment soon.

  18. JC

    I just want to know who the chick is at the top of the Superficial page. She’s fucking hot, or at least her profile is.

    Who’s Lindsay Lohan? Any relation to Lindsey Graham?

  19. El Jefe

    She looks like death warmed over.

  20. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty decent…until you notice the eighty year old hands.

  21. Professor Chaos

    I was going to say that I can’t imagine what she’ll look like when she’s actually 60 years old since she damn near looks that age now.. but then I remembered that she’ll probably end up OD’ing before she’s 30 so we’ll never find out.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    Commented on this photo:

    “Why are you giving me this? I can’t smoke crack with this!”

  23. Lindsay Lohan Jingle Ball Philly
    John Travolta
    Commented on this photo:

    She needs to stay clean. I hope she can and does succeed.

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