Lindsay Lohan Blew Paul Schrader So Hard He Thinks She’s Marilyn Monroe Now

The Superficial | July 10, 2013 - 2:01 pm

While Lindsay Lohan continues to ignore any and all of the wise, albeit obvious, advice given to her by the rehab she’s currently court-ordered to be in, director Paul Schrader just wrote a completely serious, non-ironic piece for the Film Society of Lincoln Center about how she’s exactly like Marilyn Monroein a good way. I’m guessing to prove just how hard she blew him to get a role in The Canyons because apparently that’s a game to these Hollywood types. Somewhere Charlie Sheen’s probably writing a novel comparing her to Joan of Arc for The Smithsonian. “Marilyn Monroe? Pfft. I’ve had porn stars convince me they’re Sandra Day O’Connor. Eat tailwind, Schrader!” *runs around room making airplane arms, knocks hooker off the balcony* “Mayday! Mayd- eh, fuck it.”

Photos: Terry Richardson/Love Magazine