Lindsay Lohan Blew Paul Schrader So Hard He Thinks She’s Marilyn Monroe Now

While Lindsay Lohan continues to ignore any and all of the wise, albeit obvious, advice given to her by the rehab she’s currently court-ordered to be in, director Paul Schrader just wrote a completely serious, non-ironic piece for the Film Society of Lincoln Center about how she’s exactly like Marilyn Monroein a good way. I’m guessing to prove just how hard she blew him to get a role in The Canyons because apparently that’s a game to these Hollywood types. Somewhere Charlie Sheen’s probably writing a novel comparing her to Joan of Arc for The Smithsonian. “Marilyn Monroe? Pfft. I’ve had porn stars convince me they’re Sandra Day O’Connor. Eat tailwind, Schrader!” *runs around room making airplane arms, knocks hooker off the balcony* “Mayday! Mayd- eh, fuck it.”

Photos: Terry Richardson/Love Magazine