Lindsay Lohan Loves The Homeless Now

Because nothing inspires the homeless like a rich drug addict sporting a court-ordered alcohol monitoring device, Lindsay Lohan stopped by the Dream Center Sunday night to hand out purses to homeless teens. You know, so they have a place for all their cell phones, credit cards, make-up, car keys, etc. God, she’s so thoughtful. E! News reports:

According to a source, LiLo’s business manager Lou Taylor, who also was part of her group, is a supporter of the facility and encouraged her to visit.
While there, Lindsay met with children and families, signing autographs and handing out purses to some of the teen girls.
“What a great place The Dream Center is here in LA… had a nice time there today, it’s so important to give back. I feel blessed,” Lohan later tweeted.

Oh, good, she signed autographs. Why, I can almost see a poor, malnourished girl returning to her cot now, hugging a signed photo of a woman she’s never heard of before. “Some day I’ll be addict myself to the richest drug money can buy. I just have to.. ‘Always Clean My Room?!’ Did that bitch seriously write ‘Clean My Room?’ I’m homeless. Where’s my hobo shiv?” (Don’t act like they all don’t have one.)

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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