So Remember How Lindsay Lohan Said She Was Staying In Rehab Longer?

July 31st, 2013 // 25 Comments

On Monday, Dina Lohan called into TMZ and told them Lindsay was so concerned with her sobriety that she was going to stay in rehab longer before transitioning back into the real world. So naturally here she is leaving the exact minute her court-mandated time was up yesterday. Although, in her defense, it’s easier to rob little kids of their Adderall during recess than when their parents are picking them up. She is on her 27th strike.

Photos: BigMike/AKM-GSI


  1. do porn and drugs, lindsay. do it. it’s OK. just this once, it won’t hurt anything.

  2. Batu Khan

    My mother had the same self-control issues. Eventually, she drank herself to death. Took her 54 years but Lindsay seems to be on an accelerated schedule. Sad to see her go like this.

  3. She’ll be in the clubs tonight, with her mother tagging along.

  4. Urbanspaceman

    Where do I sign up for the pool?

  5. cc

    Longer = ‘I need an extra 10 minutes to find the lip balm that was secretly filled with blow, that shit’s expensive.’

  6. Lindsay Lohan Leaving Rehab
    Commented on this photo:

    “Ah…Free! Time to start making mistakes!”

  7. Deacon Jones

    Soooo….how long before she goes into a night club with a “bottle of water”?

    I’m saying 8-9 days. Mark my words

  8. She needs to just go away, and fast.

  9. I gave her 2 weeks to start fucking up, but she looks like she’s going to start in two days.

    How will she fuck up first? The possibilities are endless. I’m betting she’ll become a groupie for the surviving Boston marathon bomber.

  10. or-
    maybe shes just leaving temporarily so she can go to the local night club and use the restroom.
    ever think of that?

  11. All I can say is it’s July 31…the year is well over half gone. If she doesn’t overdose soon my 2013 deadpool is going to be one big goose egg.

  12. John

    She actually is staying in a sober living house in New York. Nice try on the reporting though…

    • EricLR

      Would that house happen to belong to her drug dealer, by any chance?

    • Worrier Poet

      Except it’s the kind of “sober” that means “no jokes allowed”. Technicalitied!

      In other news, LL still has defenders? Because, aw. Cute and sad.

  13. Smapdi

    My guess is she was using something throughout rehab, because the only thing that can moderate her behavior is industrial-strength, military-grade drugs of some sort. If she’s left rehab its because her supply or source there dried up, so she has to leave to get her fix.

  14. *Snort*

    This is a dual-purpose post. That’s the sound of derision I just made, and the sound of inhalation she’ll be making shortly.

  15. Pat C.

    Well, maybe Lindsay never really said she was going to stay in rehab longer. Maybe Dina just made that shit up because it sounded good.

    • Worrier Poet

      On the bright yet unlikely side, maybe it means she’s really not communicating with her mom. Yet.

      I picture Dina like one of those Progressive Insurance Rate Suckers, flying toward Lindsay with a giant open mouth even as I type.

  16. logan

    She got out just in the nick of time, her lips have disappeared.
    Sober living in New York? Close to Mummy I’m guessing.

  17. Jenn

    Dead bitch walkin

  18. kery

    She is a trainwrek. Lindsay needs more help of her family.

  19. deiter

    You know she actually did get sober, albeit only temporarily, because she’s packing some chunk all over now.

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