Lindsay Lohan Leaving a Rave. Of Course.

June 28th, 2010 // 43 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving the Electric Daisy Carnival rave Saturday night because if there’s a safe haven where drug addicts on probation can go to avoid temptation, it’s a room full of pills and flashing lights assaulting the senses. I mean, only an idiot would go some place where you walk out high as shit trying to find the portal to Narnia in your sleeve. And if there’s one thing Lindsay Lohan is definitely not, it’s sober hireable not full of shit an idiot.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. friendlyfires

    Not first, but fuck, when is Lohan gonna’ ‘splode up already? Howzit a child molester like Jacko iz been dead a year but Lady Coke-Fire iz still free and on the breeze?

  2. Alex
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    it’s Electric Daisy Carnival, not Electric Dance Carnival. Just thought I’d point that out. Because commenting on Lindsay Lohan is just not worth it anymore.

  3. havoc
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    This POS could literally murder someone and get away with it. L.A. cops and courts are the biggest pussies in the world……


  4. sec82

    Yes because the LA Coliseum can really be considered a “room” and considering its a music festival and offers a variety of music and is more comparable to say Coachella then anything. Then again I like the editor of this site but it seems like he should spend more time outside in the real world so he has a better understanding of things.

    • Jared

      Give him a break, not everyone listens to shitty music like you.

      • Tony

        yeah that music must be real shitty if over 185,000 people went to that music festival…. why don’t you ignorant insecure idiots get a life rather than spend your time talking shit about a celebrity who you’ve never met. stop obsessing and jacking off to pictures of lindsey lohan, maybe you’ll be able to make friends?

  5. Lindsay is looking so good in these pictures! Obviously she was dancing a storm on the dance floor due to all the color that is flushing out of her cheeks.

    I’m so digging the Lindsay Lohan line of boots you’ve got on girl and the tassels are a nice throwback to the 80′s heavy metal scene.

    Dance all night girl because you certainly have all the right moves.


  6. Vandal
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    Someone photoshop the pic of her holding the lolly and replace it with a cock for me? Thanks.

  7. Vandal

    Is it legal for me to replace the lolly in these pics with a picture of my dick?

  8. Jr

    @Vandal: Why not? Everyone else has!


  9. the scrapper
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  10. Fresh
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  11. ZigZagZoey

    Uh….Anyone wanna take a guess at wtf that “leg jewelry” is?
    Another thing she can say set off her alarm?

  12. yayo

    vicious look

  13. lauryn
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    she def. isn’t rolling, her pupils arent dialated and its night.

  14. lauryn
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    why cant i leave a comment!??!?! ARGHHHH

  15. king3r
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    Her pupils show that she probably didn’t have any pills.

  16. Liz

    She is so over, and her place in Hollywood has already been replaced by many younger girls. The only reason anyone wants to take her photo now is because she is such a has- been train wreck.

  17. Kennedy
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    Whole Foods pulled kombucha drinks from their stores because concern over the trace amounts of alcohol. I’m sure this slag had something to do with it, since she’s been photographed chugging those things since her SCRAM was put on. Thanks a lot Hohan!

  18. Brit

    best she’s looked for a while.
    This is what happens when you’re off the booze and drugs, apparently. Now, if she could quit the tanning booths, smokes and dick, she may still have a chance.

  19. Whoa whoa whoa… Who goes to raves anymore? I’m pretty sure that whole candy-kid/tribal/visor-wearing scene is pretty dead, unless you count Burning Man (which nobody really should.)

  20. Racer X

    Oh let’s bomb the factory,
    That makes all the wannabes.
    Let’s burst all the bubbles,
    That brainwash the masses.

  21. I would do her in the butt.

  22. Commented on this photo:

    I can’t decide which of the 2 “Lilo lollipop” pics I love the most.
    This one is the closeup. The previous one she has the wonky eye, which is funny but ruins the perfection of the image. Lilo looks a little healthier & undeniably “trashtastic”. Excellent work by the CA judge helping to keep this poor lost girl alive.
    Vandal’s suggestion has excellent merit too.

  23. xxxtangirlxxx

    she looks good now that she’s back to only popping ecstasy etc!!! she’s radiating. i mean really, she’s looking REALLY pretty for the first time in a long time!

    stick to the rave scene lindsay!

  24. Jill


  25. captain america

    I’m damn curious: WHO WILL HIRE HER, folks!!

  26. z

    lindsay, you’re a hot mess. but i love it.

  27. Good job
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    Keep up the plastic surgery! You almost look like what you look like inside your head.

  28. daddy
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    i love her leg chain…

  29. MK
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    Looks better here bracelet thing on her leg might be working

  30. YEAH!!

    Its look like fun being on probation in Calif.!!!

  31. kim
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    her shirt i inside out. fail.

  32. Goyo
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    WHAT A WASTE !!!!

  33. Moriah
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    She doesn’t look like she’s rolling.

  34. Slig

    Hay trashy

  35. Kaz

    Omg , why alwayes come here , u think ur good girl haha . noway

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