Lindsay Lohan Taught James Deen About Acting

Let me just preface this entire post by saying porn stars will literally say or do anything for money (See: Sheen, Charlie), so remember that as you read this quote. Via TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan personally helped porn star James Deen reach new levels of prowess — this according to the porn star himself, who says acting with Lindsay was one of the greatest learning experiences of his life.
James was leaving Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills Saturday when he was asked about working with Lindsay in their new film “The Canyons” — and he replied, “Working with her was awesome. She’s super professional. Super great. She’s a fantastic actress … I feel like I learned a lot from her.”

Keep in mind, James Deen is talking about the same Lindsay Lohan who on the set of the low-budget indie he’s talking about, held up production by all of a sudden becoming a person who doesn’t show her tits for money. And on the movie before that, she derailed production no less than three times before eventually giving up and just knocking shit over. So, yeah, I’m sure this is the person who really taught James Deen the fine art of theater even if all he knew before was, “They don’t like it in their eyes. Ha, just kidding, do whatever you want, they’re not really people.”

Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News