Lindsay™’s Going to Jail Again. In Theory.

Not even a full 48 hours after she managed to land a “role” in the Gotti: Three Generations film by negotiating her way down to a naked extra, Lindsay Lohan walked into court on Friday and was slapped with 120 days in jail for violating her probation, but not before having her felony necklace theft charges reduced to a misdemeanor. She’s already out on bail, of course, while her lawyer appeals the decision, but in the meantime, the D.A.’s office is pissed because apparently they believed they had enough evidence to get the felony conviction. Turns out there’s footage of Lindsay’s friend/drug dealer Patrick distracting the jewelry store clerk while she tries on several necklaces and hides the one in question under her own. Now, you may be asking yourself, why would Lindsay risk everything to steal one lousy necklace less than a month after leaving court-ordered rehab where she just barely ducked battery charges? Allow me: Twenty five years ago, Michael Lohan ejaculated into Dina Lohan’s vagina while she was ovulating. They kept the baby.

Photos: Splash News