Lindsay Lohan is Taking Awesome Care of That Range Rover

Last Thursday, only three days after getting out of rehab, German Independent in Hollywood handed Lindsay Lohan the keys to a Onyx Range Rover presumably to get her to tweet this. Hopefully the car’s not a loaner because, Jesus Christ, is she beating the hell out of it. Posted below the cut is a video of Lindsay closing her garage door on it only to essentially scrape the entire back when she still doesn’t pull up far enough. Now I know the argument’s going to to be that the paparazzi distracted her, except that’s horseshit considering he’s across the street while she’s closing the garage plus here are pics of them giving her Escalade a jump and tagging along to the doctor’s with her dad. They’re practically like family. It’d be like trying to say a fish was distracted by water. However, if someone wants to argue this is a post about women being death machines behind the wheel and therefore not new information, you’re right, and I’m better than that. My apologies.

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News / Video: INFdaily