Lindsay Lohan is Really Learning a Lesson

November 5th, 2010 // 35 Comments

Considering it’s been unusually quiet on the Lindsay Lohan front, even I’ve assumed she’s actually taking her now-court-ordered rehab stint seriously. And, of course, that makes me an idiot because, surprise, she gets to leave whenever she want for shopping and coffee. RadarOnline reports:

Lohan, who is currently in treatment at the Betty Ford Center, went to Forever 21 in Palm Desert, California with an unidentified female.
“Lindsay came in two days ago with another young woman. Lindsay kept to herself, but was friendly. Lindsay bought a leopard sweater, a lot of pajama bottoms, and a ton of socks,” the store manager Tiffany Bennett told
…. According to Bennett, the actress “looks really, really good” and added that locals often spot her at Starbucks.
“She goes to the Starbucks next door all the time.”

Oh, she goes to Starbucks “all the time.” I had no idea lattes were part of the addiction healing process. Does she get massages, too? What about water polo? I hear that’s the only way to kick cocaine. Or am I thinking of fox hunting? Regardless, it’s nice to see this has been an arduous learning experience for Lindsay. I can’t possibly see her going back to her old habits now that she’s stared into the cold, hard face of the Betty Ford Center. She’s probably sharpening a shiv right now before entering her personal shower with lavender scented candles. SHE REQUESTED COOL CUCUMBER, YOU BASTARDS!

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  1. Oh Jesus….she looks older than Madonna.

    • Misana

      I was thinking the same thing. She better take care of herself or else she ain’t gonna look too cute ten years from now

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        I’m thinking THAT ship has already sailed.

      • I think she looks like a redheaded Michael Jackson in that picture!!! ACK!!!

        Hello Only, you lonely bastard you. How’s life being my shadow puppet treating you?

      • Nick

        If she gained some weight in the face she’d look much better though–at her age she can still salvage her looks. Problem is gaining weight in the face involves gaining weight in the body and no fucking way will she choose to do that. Shame–she used to be so goddam hot

  2. Not that surprising. Urns of coffee at a time was par for the course when i was mandated to AA. Chainsmoking too. Of course in excess ur addictions r just doing pushups waiting for u to relapse again. But a sign shes putting at least some narcissism behind her is she hasnt sent a twitter since before going into rehab. Over six weeks..

  3. GravyLeg

    Looks really good my ass!!! Compared to what? A fucking corpse?
    That face is just fucking BEAT! What happened to those lips in pic #1?
    Christ… She is going in a skanky coke whore and coming out an even skankier… well… coke whore I guess… but still!!!

  4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    One series of horrible laws for the poor by the rich and the judicial farce paid for by the rich for the rich enforced by their $politicians$

  5. Nicole

    Obviously she lives a more than priveldged life, but it is rehab and not jail. Part of the process is trying to learn how to function in society too, as that is where she will return to (in theory).

  6. dgr8cornholio

    OMG, kill it with fire!

  7. joe

    I thought Michael Jackson was dead.

  8. Turd Ferguson


  9. PUT. HER. IN. JAIL.

    I hope she fucks up again. Then, Judge Fox will toss her ass into jail for 6 months. Because of the length of her stay, they’ll have to put her in General Population, where she’ll truly learn the horror of jail. She’ll be stuffed into tiny cells with multiple other women who want to beat her ass at all times, she’ll have her stuff stolen constantly, she’ll have to face conditions that will horrify her. Then, when she gets out, everytime she thinks about getting drunk or high, that disgusting image of jail will be remembered. At this point, because she doesn’t take the court or rehab seriously & thinks it’s all a joke & she can do anything she wants, aversion therapy with a horrific stint in jail is the only thing this stupid dumbass whore will understand…

    • Linnocent

      No she won’t if she got 180 days people are serving 20%.
      The last time she got 90 days and served 16%.
      They would try and release her in less than a month and it would turn into a big fight between the Sheriff and the Judge.
      When she was remanded without bail the last time and was looking at an actual 30 days she “was placed in a cell within a module that was cleared out so she had no neighbors.” That unit holds up to 24 people so presumably they cleared out at least 4 neighbouring cells.
      Trust me they don’t want to deal with her and would never keep her for a full 180 days.

  10. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    My penis is so small she’d mistake me for Sam Ronson and it would be sheer bliss.

  11. cornilianmitelorcerer

    i love you lindsay.

  12. cornilianmitelorcerer

    i want to smoke weed and listen to flying lotus with you lindsay.

  13. joho777

    And even Lindsay should look a little more like a real person after 30 days without booze. But she will quickly return to alcoholic reality now that she is allowed to take unsupervised trips away from Betty Ford.

    You know what I would really like? Photos of Lindsay shopping each day at her local Liquor Giant.

    Betty Ford’s motto, “We Trust Her.” And all she needed was a fifth chance. (Only don’t say “fifth” around Lindsay.)

  14. FormerBFC-Patient

    Just an FYI,

    I went to Betty Ford for 90 days. I did 30 days in-patient and then 60 days in what’s called “RDT” or “Residential Day Treatment.” If Lindsay is still in-patient, this story is complete nonsense. Unless you actually leave AMA (Against Medical Advice) you cannot go “shopping” or “to starbucks.” You cannot leave the premises. It’s physically impossible. It doesn’t happen.

    If she is in the 30-90 day RDT program, then it is possible that she went shopping. RDT is basically an out-patient program where former 30 day in-patient patients live off the BFC campus on a street with other RDT patients. You still attend BFC run meetings, counseling, and other programs but you live in a house with other patients. It’s like a step in between sober living and in-patient. You have a lot more freedom (ability to have a car for example) but there are a lot of restrictions on what you can and cannot do while in RDT. Going shopping is not irregular. Going to Starbucks is not irregular. It means nothing on whether a patient is doing well or not doing well.

  15. Randal

    Lindsay has been going through some tough times, just more added pressure on top of an amazing career but she does have the strength and brains to get through it all. Seen here, Lindsay is a vibrant, glowing and positive young woman who continues to set her sights to the top where she will shine once again!


  16. herbiefrog

    hey… sweetheart…

    ignore this bunch of losers…

    it’s just a hang out for us : ))

    thanks fish )

  17. Chris

    First time I’ve disagreed with the tone of an article here, and I’ve been reading a long while.

    Prison is for punishment.

    Rehab is for, get this… REHABILITATION. Rehab doesn’t need to be hell, and honestly, from a psychological perspective, rehab should be as pleasant as possible, to keep people in it in the first place. (Withdrawals will be hell enough).

  18. elephantman

    her LIPS look so stupid!

  19. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks middle-aged.

  20. ginger

    the news on this stupid chick is sooo old. seriously. lets be done with her. she is the most uninteresting person in the news.

  21. Nick

    Wow I guess this is what happens when you lose 50 pounds in a month..Her face looks so gaunt it’s honestly terrifying

  22. josh

    Nothing to worry about, post-production and photoshop can hide your disastrous face Lindsay.

  23. Sangria

    Oh wow. She’s really starting to look old. :( Like…whoa.

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