Lindsay Lohan is Just ‘Lindsay’ Now

March 25th, 2011 // 106 Comments

“Surnames? Where we’re going, we don’t need surnames…”

After her father was arrested for domestic abuse again this week, Lindsay Lohan is officially changing her name to just “Lindsay,” and Dina Lohan is reverting back to her maiden name, so rejoice, for the gin-beast shall falleth off the face of the earth into the yonder abyss of Obscurity. Popeater reports:

“Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay,” Dina tells me, exclusively. “Plus, me and [younger daughter] Ali will be officially changing our last names back to my maiden name, Sullivan.”
Lindsay had been thinking about dropping her surname for some time but at first thought no one would know who she was. It was only after the infamous Super Bowl E-trade advertisement referring to a baby as “that milkaholic Lindsay,” that the actress knew she no longer needed it.
“So many of the greatest people in showbiz are known by just their first name. Look at Oprah and Beyonce. Now you can add Lindsay to that list,” a family friend tells me. “And it’s a way for them all to start over. No one in the family wants anything to do with Lindsay’s father [Michael Lohan] anymore and that includes sharing a last name.”

Right. Because it’s the Lohan last name that was holding her back. That’s been the albatross here. Not the rampant drug addiction, diva behavior and rampant kleptomania. Had she done this sooner instead of going to stupid rehab, she could’ve moved on to robbing banks and skiing with Charlie Sheen down a literal mountain of cocaine by now. I heard he hands out Bentleys for two minutes of sex. No foolin’.

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  1. Ismoss

    Different name, same stupid shit.

  2. Either that’s a bad sweater, or Sam Ronson’s semen just goes right to her hips…

  3. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    even worse, macauley caulkinggun now looks like lindsay. boy, wouldnt it be cosmically ironic if sam ronson & mila kunis hooked up?

  4. Samantha

    Is it just me or does she look like she had a nosejob and a facelift and they both got botched? Seriously. I don’t remember her eyebrows being that distinctly far apart in height on her face.. and her nose didn’t used to be that shape.

  5. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Okay, seriously, I used to come to this site for the tits and bikinis. Now it’s another TMZ clone. You sold out, superficial. I’m done with this site.

  6. Vanessa

    Does anyone else thinks she kind of looks like a Culkin in this picture?

  7. Lindsay Lohan
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    the best anti-drug campaign i’ve seen in a while!

  8. Lindsay Lohan
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    there should be a like button to comments like in fb. but i totally agree with the macaulay culkin thing and a hundred likes @Double D . =)

  9. Jeff

    I love how the entire premise of the name-change is based on DIna’s BS lawsuit against e-trade that every judge this side of California has laughed out of court as the most frivolous thing in the world. Dina and Lindsay STILL think not only that the world revolves around them but that they can use the court system to make money off their bullshit.

  10. boldbearings

    Well then she should let her hair revert to its natural color. Much prettier ^_^

  11. When you are a slut like Madonna, do coke like Maradona, sing as bad as Cher, and have an ass like Ronaldo, why not.

  12. Rhiannon

    I’m used to the duck lips, but what did she do to her nose??

  13. Barb

    She doesn’t like her last name? Give it a year or two – she’ll be referred to as “Lindsay Who?”.

  14. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    nice !!!

  15. Lindsay Lohan
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    lovely woman !!!

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