Lindsay Lohan is Gonna Love This

January 25th, 2011 // 86 Comments

Nope. No one’s doing coke here. — Okay, maybe that guy getting out of the car.

Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie went out last night and had a good time without Lindsay Lohan so right away their deaths are being plotted as we speak. Not to mention it looks like Sam snorted enough blow to look like an extra from The Lost Boys. Or someone forgot to turn her face off “vibrate.” I go back and forth.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
    suck it
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  2. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    Well, if Lindsay does come after her, it looks like she can now squirt blood from her eyes to defend herself like a horny toad.

  3. Phil Yerassin

    nice thread. i came in my own mouth

  4. cumbucket

    she’s a cunt

  5. GNC

    …didn’t Nicole just have a HUGE wedding reception published…so, where is her wedding ring?!?

  6. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    I can haz deviated septum?

  7. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    Her hair looks disgusting. What I’m assuming is hair extensions… end up looking like lice.

  8. SuperT

    Sam looks like she just snorted a huge line of coke and frozen embryos.

  9. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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  10. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    What is white and clearly seen inside the nose of Nicole in Picture 13?

  11. Hail to the King baby

    Untill I read that it was Samantha Ronson I swar I thought that was a guy exiting the car.

    “your face or your ass, what’s the difference”

  12. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

  13. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
    I'm on my Period.
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    Sam is fucking sexy.

  14. Bianca

    It looks like Nicole had a night out on the town with Beetlejuice!

  15. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    eww maybe sam was doin nick

  16. Lisa

    Nicole is disgusting and very ugly. And looking at Sam it’s obvious why and when Lindsay started drugs and who’s responsible for it…

  17. Nicole Richie Samantha Ronson
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    just stayput with lindsay sam..iadmire your relationship..

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