Lindsay Lohan Is A Serious Actress Now

December 21st, 2011 // 59 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan arriving at JFK yesterday where she made it a point to cover her face with a movie “script” conveniently labeled “Untitled.” So just assume Dina drank 20 gins on the flight and convinced Lindsay this plan would work because cocaine makes you stupid shit. “Listen… listen… you should listen. Pudtha script allova your face. *hic* People think you’re an actress, ALIANA! Stop eating that celery… makeyoufat.

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  1. diLdo

    she’s ugly as shit! ho ho ho

    • herbiefrog

      ignore OP he’s just a kid…

      we are so proud of you for doing whatever it takes toi survive before evrything else turns to sh*t.

      we can skate over this [surf ?]

      just society falling apart…

      ttfn babe : ))

  2. Things I care less about than, say, a steaming pile of cow crap:

    1.Lindsay Lohan
    2.Anything Kardashian
    3.Joe Jonas.

  3. Schmidtler

    what’s that comment about paying out the ass for those lilo bikini pics, fish? I hope you at least had the sense to pay her directly, in cocaine – at least then we could look forward to the hilarity of her being arrested or overdosing.

  4. help

    why does she bleach her hair to death like that, ugh, she looks sooooooooooooooooo much better (one million times better) as a redhead.

    • Cher X

      All gingers seem to do that and it cheeses me off. Like the girl from That 70′s Show and Sara Rue (until she went back to red). They look great with the red hair people would pay good money for, but it’s Hollywood to “go blonde”.

      Then they become generic and bland.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I wish people would refuse to photograph her or work with her as long as she has that horrible blond hair.

    • JPC

      Well, Clarence, that second part happened a long time ago. It had nothing to do with her hair, however.

  5. mike nike

    I love how she arrives and uses the script to block her face so everyone will know she has a script in her hand. Its so sad to be her right now. She is so vapid.

  6. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Those two have lot and lots of baggage.

  7. V

    It’s amazing how old she looks. If I didn’t know her and you told me she was in Real Housewives, i’d believe it. I’m a year older than her and look so much younger.

    I don’t understand why she wants to be compared to Marilyn Monroe. She’s the next Anna Nicole Smith.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I am 15 years older than her, and I look younger.

      • Felonious Monkey

        I swear to God for a second I thought it was a pic of Goldie Hawn. She looks great…for a 66-year old.
        I hate all these Marilyn wannabes. Just because you’re a bleached blonde hooked on drugs and your life is messed up doesn’t make you an iconic actress with classic movies in your body of work. The best crap this druggie’s ever done was Mean Girls. Give me a fucking break. LOL

    • karlito

      she wants to be compared to MM because most people she MM as a tragic and misunderstood woman. MM wanted to be taken seriously as an actress and she wanted a man to love her for her..not her image. she failed at both endeavours. Lilo believes she’s misunderstood and she is being preyed upon by everyone. it’s the mask and self-pity she’s hiding behind to give herself the excuses to do the things she does. she made a $million pretending to be her “idol” so to her… “Lindsay” wasn’t really naked. now look at this script i’m carrying …i’m a serious actress. it’s sad to see someone so desperate to be accepted again as an actor. IMAO

  8. Cock Dr

    I see she’s bringing along her scarecrow sister for a baggage mule.

  9. Venom

    She was always a serious actress, she was just a fuck up as a human being. Robery Downey Jr was the same way and he seems to be doing just fine now.

    • Jo

      REally? then how do you explain Labor Pains, Just my luck, I Know who Killed my Career – Me. Herbie Fully Loaded (and so is Linds) Need I go on?

    • Clarence Beeks

      RDJ went to JAIL for a year and admitted he had problems. She has done but blame everyone else. I will not believe a word she says, until her actions prove otherwise.

    • RDJ also got out of the limelight and stayed out of the public’s eye for awhile. Now, granted, it was a lot easier to disappear in the 80′s. Today, it’s a little more difficult but it can be done.

    • LJ

      Robery Downey Jr came to work, followed the directions of the director and did his job even when he was high.

      Lindsay Lohan didn’t show up on time, when she did her entourage would call the shots on what Ms. Lohan’s would and would not do and she made working with her a headache for all involved.

      Apparently she did the same to Heff at Playboy, so nothing’s changed. No one wants to hire this diva.

  10. stratacat

    oh my god. look at her hands. look at her face! that is a years-long addiction to crack, coke, and meth. lots and lots of meth. the worst part of it is, she’s one of those “functioning” addicts. the ones who die really, really painfully slowly, from the inside out. her organs are rotting. her skin is falling off. i give her another 5 weeks tops. in fact, i’m actually ready to resubmit my celebrity death pool bet based on these pics alone.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    While Lindsay “hides” her face behind a conveniently oversized script, Ali could hide her entire body behind a single sheet of paper.

  12. MEL

    Are you sure that isn’t an application for the new restaurant, Untitled, in the Whitney Museum?

  13. wtf

    That hair is fucking awful…go back to red Lindsay, it looks so much better.

  14. Archies_Leach

    I guess it would matter if I gave a fuck.

  15. Jo

    first off, deflate the duck lips then go back to your natural hair color, then take a shower oh and use soap, then and only then can you get a job. Not in acting though. That ship has sailed.

  16. JC

    Untitled: A Coke Whore’s Story

  17. Marc

    It’s not an “Untitled” screenplay….her management is Untitled Entertainment. That’s the cover they put on scripts they send their clients. But she’s still an idiot.

  18. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it really that difficult to come up with titles for pornos these days?

  19. “Untitled” because “Butt Bangin’ 8″ isn’t pap friendly.

  20. rudi314

    Maybe the Move is Called: Little Photoshop of Horrors (Remake)

  21. Johnny P!

    “And the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’ of 2013 goes to: UNTITLED!!! Directed by Anonymous, Produced by Nameless & Faceless, and starring Lindsay Lohan and a cast of Unknowns!”

  22. EricLr

    The final title will be “Tittie-Fucking Redheads Volume 6.”

  23. Even playing someone who reads a script is a stretch.

  24. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    mike nike
    Commented on this photo:

    Her sister ally will be dead in three years if she doesn’t eat something.

  25. And the Vuitton luggage is FAKE. On the real ones, the straps go all the way underneath.

  26. jamiewithanh

    maybe it’s not a script…but a caption for her face. Which is very inaccurate. It should read “my face looks like raw biscuits”

  27. pretty vacant

    well at least she spelled “untitled” correctly.

  28. I’m half-surprised it doesn’t just say “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” on the cover.

  29. I_Just_Farted

    Is it bad that I Got a Hard Erection looking at her pale Bikini Wedgie butt with her chubby cheeks hanging out?

  30. ace11

    When is the last time she has had a “dick” in her??

    and i wonder what the guy looked like

  31. forrest gump

    well, we can be sure everything is fake about her since she was declered BANKRUPT.
    so this bag was made in THAILAND, folks!!

  32. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    OMG she’s being followed by a homeless heroin addict!

  33. dee cee

    The year isn’t over.. fortunes can change.. she must not go back to jail, Aliana might die, or her sicko father, or Dina arrested.. her grandmother might flip out and become a rogue pirate on the high seas, speaking of which.. one feels touched and must take herself to a party, then rest for a while.. one must keep an open mind..

    • CranAppleSnapple

      “her grandmother might flip out and become a rogue pirate on the high seas”

      That’s my Christmas wish.

  34. Zach Swan

    Loho still thinks that bleaching her hair to that disgusting, dead-looking shade of yellow/white will make us all forget when she was nicknamed ‘firecrotch’. Brandon Davis wins. He made her ugly.

  35. SIN

    That is just a blank ream of paper that her mother stuck an Untitled tag on to make it look like she has a job offer.

  36. Oh come on…..who thought we’d believe this “script cover page out” thing. What a load of crap.

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  38. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    love lindsay;s pic-xxxxx

  39. Lindsay Lohan Script Ali Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    That brunette is pretty.

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