Lindsay Lohan in a Bikini for German GQ

July 15th, 2010 // 109 Comments

So remember when Lindsay Lohan did that fucked up photo shoot where she was in cavegirl gear with a bow and arrow? Here’s the end result – along with much better outfits, or lack thereof – in the August issue of German GQ. Granted, Lindsay has been dominating the headlines by bending the law to her coked-out will, I thought it’d be nice to remember that with enough make-up, Photoshop and never having to hear her speak, she has awesome tits. It’s important not to lose sight of that.

Photos: GQ

  1. Ty Pennington

    This bitch is NOT attractive, why does she think she is. Why can’t she just die of AIDS already.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      You are Fucking Nuts.
      She is a “10″.
      That is why many of us hate to see her fall apart.
      That is why too many of you love to see her fall apart.

      • Drew

        No, she’s fucking disgusting. People with that many freckles should be put into camps.

        This coming from someone that would ream Shauna Sands ass.

      • ts

        So many of us love to see her fall apart because she is an ingrate. A complete waste of oxygen.

      • Bob

        a 10???? WTF are you smoking dude! can i get some so i can fucking see sam ronsom as a 6 maybe!!! holy shit!!

      • trousers

        no fucking way is she a 10. maybe a 9 back on SNL in the harry potter costume, but now shes a anorexic in denial with a pair of flapjack implants. The only hot thing about her is the snotty whorish look on her face.

      • Lauren

        10… hahahahaha! She doesn’t even qualify for “butterface” status.

      • RasputinsLiver

        Whe I look at her I get the ol’ Bitter Beer Face look on. Bitch is gross. Those freckles all over her look like fucking skin cancer and ‘re ugly as sin.

        And let’s not even get into the ridiculous fish lips (nothing person, Fish).

        She’s a fucking STD’d pig.

      • RasputinsLiver

        Dude, you’re ons some really bad LSD.

      • Sasra

        Wow…her belly button is high. Anyways she isn’t ugly but she definetly isn’t a 10. And she did use to be loved but then she had to go all crazy ass on us and thats why we don’t like her. She is a spoiled brat who drinks and drives and looks as high as a cloud most of the time. She is nuts and is falling apart on her own, so why the hell should we pity her.

      • j0N

        You obviously haven’t heard of Photoshop. In person she’s butt-ugly!

      • j0N

        @ Mr. Nice Fag

    • Tes

      You guys arguing over her being a “6″ or a “10″ or a “9″… that’s legitimate conversation. You guys saying she’s disgusting or not attractive take way too much liberty with your words. Mrs Garret from the “Facts of Life” is disgusting… are you telling me you would rate them equally? Your exaggerations make the internet stupid.

  2. suze


  3. Headline on Huffington Post sez LiLo has entered Shapiro’s “rehab” in effort to avoid jail time.
    Think it’ll work?

    • ZigZagZoey

      Hope NOT!

    • RasputinsLiver

      Man, here’s hoping she fails at that as well as the party was just gettin’ started and by next Tuesday we’d all be looking forward to sitting down after work with a couple cold ones to enjoy the action.

  4. tcre

    . . . . first

  5. Amanda
    Commented on this photo:

    Did they edit out her belly button on the cover?

  6. Jen

    photoshop is a wonderful(?) thing

  7. Jen
    Commented on this photo:

    she does look really hot in this picture. what a shame

  8. Captain_Insano

    Pretty bad when they have to over-expose the pictures of a 24 year old to make her look younger.

    Useless cunt.

  9. Lu
    Commented on this photo:

    Must have, because from the first picture it looked abnormally high… SHould be easy to spot, but its gone!

  10. the location of her belly button is disturbing.

  11. Maeby
    Commented on this photo:

    wow that is one high belly button. and then a lack of one on the cover. interesting.

  12. Commented on this photo:

    Oh, wow, they must’ve spent hours in editing because she actually looks ::gulp::: hot in the first two. I need to go gargle some whiskey now…

  13. ^^^ thats what i was going to say! the belly button is so high up!!! wtf?

    • Admiral Buttcrack

      DUDE. Me too! It’s kind of weird…like it would be connected to her diaphragm. (The sheet of muscle below her lungs, not the other kind)

  14. PinkSprinkles

    Does anybody else notice how abnormally high-up her bellybutton is?

  15. Karmen

    Why the hell is her navel so high up?

  16. Captain_Insano

    Has anybody mentioned how high her belly button is? What? Fifteen people already have? Okey dokey then.

  17. absinthe
    Commented on this photo:

    lyke oh em gee, her belly button is so high!!!!!!111!!1

  18. McFeely Smackup

    awesome tits?

    what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you like saggy granny titties that much? Lindsay has decent sized boobs, but they sag like two sacks of shame and shattered dreams.

    Also, I don’t think there was QUITE enough photoshop used in the bow/arrow photo. they stretched her out to look tall and thin, but managed to place her bellybutton in a completely anatomically impossible location. If you compare it to the other photos, it’s comical.

  19. morga
    Commented on this photo:

    Three cheers for photoshop

  20. Susy
    Commented on this photo:

    it’s good to see her back to beautiful.

    But the thing that really bothers me is the belly button. It’s normal in picture 2, fucked up in #1.

  21. Mike NIke

    I can smell her rotten stinky assed fire puss puss from here.

  22. Commented on this photo:

    Them’s some big feet!

  23. Commented on this photo:

    And where is the SCRAm bracelet? Either Picture 3 was photoshoped or it is evidence of tampering.

    Remeber she said that the Bracelet would interfere with photo shoots…

  24. Kami

    Is no one else disturbed by how seriously wrong she’s holding that bow?

  25. How come her crouch does not burn a hole in her shorts?

  26. Roberta
    Commented on this photo:

    Her feet are Photoshopped because she had her SCRAM device on at the time of these photos. And they look weird.

    • #2 all the way

      For sure – her right foot looks cartoonish, and what’s up with her heel? Holy 90 degree angle

  27. Jen


  28. ROUGH--taking back the "internets" from the ubsurd

    Not one to kick a dog while its down, but Lilo’s wobbly thighs should be voted the second week to complete the eff you Rough vote.

  29. fester

    I’ll bet the makeup artist(s) troweled with laughter…

  30. J
    Commented on this photo:

    Her belly button is as high as her sternum

  31. Fuck off, BLOWhan

    These German idiots photoshopped the shit out of these photos, to the point that it doesn’t even look like her. Take a look at the face of the banner pic; that’s not her. Also, they took out her pooch gut & erased all her nasty freckles. If you want to see what she actually looked like during the photoshoot (showing her droopy cleavage, pooch gut & flabby ass), here’s a link:

    Also, on the German GQ front cover, the photoshop idiots removed her belly button…

  32. memem

    What is wrong with her belly button in these pics?

  33. Alexis
    Commented on this photo:


  34. That Guy

    Her bellybutton always looks so high because she’s constantly sucking her pooch in. In the cover shot, I don’t think they ‘shopped it out as much as I think she didn’t bother to suck in her gut ’cause that shit was covered by a high-waisted bottom.

  35. Alexis
    Commented on this photo:

    She doesn’t have a belly button here, NOW THATS STUPID OF THEM

  36. SO RIGHT
    Commented on this photo:

    finally some decent photos of Lindsay.

  37. Instead

    would still crush this puppy (t9)

  38. Mangog
    Commented on this photo:

    3 people like missed the Like button.. like Internet

  39. HeyHey
    Commented on this photo:

    Her feet are always nasty, says an expert on the subject matter.

  40. T
    Commented on this photo:

    J, that’s the first thing I noticed! I checked out all the other pictures to see if it was in the same place. :) (By the way, it’s not!)

  41. Rumple Fugly

    Her no tone legs make me want to cut off my vein cane and stab myself in the eyes with it! Just because you photo shop out the gazillion freckles doesn’t mean they aren’t there! Bleck!

  42. Dijkie
    Commented on this photo:

    Damn, I’d hit that….


  43. Camila
    Commented on this photo:

    What happened with her button belly? Is so high!

  44. Jack
    Commented on this photo:

    This bitch is a 10. I’d lick every freckle on her and then fuck her so hard they’ll all fly off. And I’m not trollin’, I’m being serious.

  45. Commented on this photo:

    I would do very bad things to this girl … VERY …

  46. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier
    Commented on this photo:

    Is she really beautiful?

  47. Commented on this photo:

    I know when I go bow hunting, I think of sand and camels. Oh, and their sweet toes.

    In the third pic, are they selling decks or guitars? For ten I’ll buy both. If they throw in the crackhead with nice boobs, I’ll throw in another fin.

  48. RasputinsLiver


    C’mon, people!

    We all know that bitch doesn’t look ANYWHERE near that good!!

    Excellent makeup people who can mask the cunt up. great lighting and camera folks who know what they’re doing and how to make the ugliest chick look like a fucking angel. Then some spiffy photoshopping and….VOILA!

    Nah, this is just marketing shit. We all know she’s hagged beyond belief and never coming back.


  49. Not pretty…. no idea why anyone would want to take pics of her…

  50. sanny

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    • RasputinsLiver

      Do you shit-for-brains actually get responses from people when you post this dumbass stuff on here?

      If so, they’re as much shit-for-brains as you and your company are.

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