Lindsay Lohan’s House Arrest Party

June 13th, 2011 // 45 Comments

Here’s Lindsay Lohan doing hard time at her Venice Beach house yesterday where she invited people over for a roof party and got sloppy drunk just like in real prison, so no wonder she keeps trying to escape. It’s a miracle she’s not on suicide watch after finding out her patio set only seats six. “What do you mean we’re out of ice?! No! NOOO! Oh, God, I’ve learned my lesson! I’ve learned my- wait, it’s in the cooler.”

Photo: Splash News


  1. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    That’s what i call conjiggle visitation

  2. oj

    When did her tits get so big?

  3. Dirty Mike

    you can bbq cocaine?

    and First

  4. Richard McBeef

    later at the party, lindsay dangled those milk droopers off the balcony and let the kids on the ground hit them with wiffle ball bats until candy came out.

  5. TomFrank

    I really want to make an “I’d like to do ‘hard time’ with her” joke, but it’s Lindsay Lohan, so no.

  6. Seat Filler

    Look she is behind bars


    Them tittays are phenomenal.

  8. whiskeyafternoon

    her tits are growing each passing day, she can’t borrow the car or leave the house for the summer, and she’s not allowed to have any booze. sounds like a typical summer for your average 16 year old middle class girl.

  9. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    It’s like my brain is facing my penis in a chess game… and I’m letting him win.

  10. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    Dont be stupid
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    Those tits are fucking awesome. Dont be gay people

  11. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    Her in a halter top = nice

  12. great tits! i’d love to suck on her asshole!

  13. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    Looks good enough for a quick titty f#@$!

  14. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    NYC I Banker
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    I wanna play …


    Lindsay never disappoints – she’s Charlie Sheen goddess material!

  16. Frank Burns

    “Sorry guys, I hoovered up all the booze and drugs I got for the party five minutes before you arrived! How about some stale Cheetos and tap water for everyone?” A sitcom-esque “Oh Lindsay, that’s why we love you!” arises from the bemused party-goers, who all knew to get well-lit before they arrived.

  17. Hickok


  18. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    Captain Obvious
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    Good use of the blurry lens filter.

  19. JC

    It’s only an authentic prison party if the booze was made in a toilet.

  20. UnholyKrep

    “Nnnnnnsho…who wansa be my jailhouse bish now, muhrfuggers?”


  21. LoveChild

    ewww she’s gross

  22. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    Hugh Gentry
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    amazing cans!!! Would love to get my hands on them.

  23. Johnny Cage

    Just when I was sick to death of the Fish making 100 posts of Justin Bieber, he does me proud. You go Fish! Damn she is lovely.

  24. Clarence Beeks


  25. Looks more like she’s taking a tax credit by hosting a NarcAnon group to me.
    Clever girl.

  26. metacritic

    She should stop tanning, stop bleaching her hair blonde and pretend she´s the “other” twin from Parent Trap…maybe then she´ll possibly trick someone into hiring her.

  27. She looks like she did a Freaky Friday switch with Kelly Osbourne.

  28. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    Basil Spaulding
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    I’ll bet she’d be jolly good fun!

  29. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
    Basil Spaulding
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    I must say , say looks a little worse for wear in this photo!

  30. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    I think it’s safe to say the papparazi can stop taking photos of Lohan. Seriously, nobody cares. I can’t believe she even scrounged up six people to come to a party.

  31. anonym

    when i get sentenced, I want what Lindsay got.

    fuck the justice system !

    ya hear me, judges ?? House arrest for ALL indicted for grand larceny

  32. Frak you not tellin

    Again. . . . . Who cares?

    \Apparently all you losers that put a comment.

  33. Venom

    Mmm, her boobs still look super delicious.

  34. asdf

    I’d party with her.

  35. Lindsay Lohan House Arrest Party
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    The peak of her tits are nearing her bellybutton more and more.

  36. Poison Ivy League

    If Kim Cattrall wants to know what she’ll look like in a few years all she needs to do is look at these pictures.

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