Lindsay’s House Arrest Sounds Draconian, And She Made a Bikini Movie

Lindsay Lohan started her house arrest yesterday, and just in case you didn’t think her sentence was cushy enough, she’s allowed to have as many visitors as she wants on top of no longer taking blood or alcohol tests. It’ll be a miracle if she makes it through the night. RadarOnline reports:

Under the terms of her home arrest, Lohan has to stay in her house 24/7 and must not go outside. Her ankle bracelet is connected to her phone system and is centrally monitored by the Sheriff’s Department too.
The home arrest is considered a better option for the authorities because they save a lot of money with no jail costs to absorb; Lohan is not currently undergoing any blood or alcohol testing.

Except it gets even more hilarious than that. TMZ reports she’s bought a ton of art supplies and plans to spend her time painting and – wait, wait for it – reading scripts “so she can decide on her next project.” AHAHAHA! She should write this site instead of me because there’s no way I’m topping that. On that note, guess who’s on drugs again. You’ll never guess.

UPDATE: Apparently, Lindsay just made some sort of 90 second YouTube video that’s nothing but her in a bikini, so I guess she really is reading scripts after all. I stand corrected.

Photo: Fame, INFdaily