Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Mom Now

In what has to be the first legitimate sign that Lindsay Lohan is getting the help she needs, she’s finally tired of her mom’s bullshit. TMZ reports:

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ Lindsay told her mom not to go on “Today” last week. When Dina defied her and yakked with Matt Lauer, Lindsay was “furious.”
Our sources say ever since the interview Lindsay has been wary of her mom and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason she has so many problems. The flip side, sources say, is that Lindsay is beginning to realize Dina’s demonization of Michael is not a true picture — that both parents share the blame.

Of course, the easy – and admittedly valid – argument here is that Lindsay is still blaming others for her problems, but, c’mon, have you actually seen these people? They’d photograph Ali peeing if Harvey Levin promised to silently mouth their names somewhere in the TMZ building. “So, what you’re saying, Harv, is a television camera might be nearby when you do it? — I’ll go get the Polaroid.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News