Lindsay Lohan Hates Her Mom Now

November 17th, 2010 // 23 Comments

In what has to be the first legitimate sign that Lindsay Lohan is getting the help she needs, she’s finally tired of her mom’s bullshit. TMZ reports:

Sources connected with Lindsay tell TMZ Lindsay told her mom not to go on “Today” last week. When Dina defied her and yakked with Matt Lauer, Lindsay was “furious.”
Our sources say ever since the interview Lindsay has been wary of her mom and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason she has so many problems. The flip side, sources say, is that Lindsay is beginning to realize Dina’s demonization of Michael is not a true picture — that both parents share the blame.

Of course, the easy – and admittedly valid – argument here is that Lindsay is still blaming others for her problems, but, c’mon, have you actually seen these people? They’d photograph Ali peeing if Harvey Levin promised to silently mouth their names somewhere in the TMZ building. “So, what you’re saying, Harv, is a television camera might be nearby when you do it? — I’ll go get the Polaroid.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. dude

    She just found out her mom slept with Brett Michaels.

  2. Randal

    Dear Lindsay,

    The time honored rite of passage wherein one questions their parental authority is something you deserve—-something you wear as well as your legendary thespian talent.

    Despite your struggles, you remain focused on recovery through it all, and for that I commend you! There is a great big parking garage of acceptance, and I for one would like to validate your ticket for eternity!


  3. McFeely Smackup

    I hated Lindsey Lohan’s mom BEFORE it was cool…

  4. abortions ftw

    Ha, I hate my mom too..

  5. Kids grow up to be idiots and morons because of how they were raised. Lindsay is a demented chip off the old Lohan block. Both parents should be banished from the planet. Mind you, Lindsay has some growing up to do and has to take responsibility for ehr own actions or else her behaviors will never change.

    Why look at me, I’m making a semi-serious comment here. WTF is WRONG with me lately????

  6. Correction fish, its the 2nd sign shes recovering–if the story she bounced her dad over the weekend is true. If she does inferno tho its a step back. She needs to finish her program and go work for scorsese. Cos of course, she scores easy..

    • I’m sorry, bear with me… this, “Inferno”… it’s a biopic about her crotch, right? The fiery color, the burning sensation it leaves you with? Kudos to whoever picked the title!

  7. Tomorrow’s headline: “Linsday Lohan Hates Herself Now”

  8. Iluria

    I just cannot believe this bs…..I’ve been in rehab and there is no blaming others, just making peace with who they are and if you would like them in your life or not, and there is NO sugar at all. This girl is always downing pepsi and shit.
    I still think that while her Dad has been messed up himself by substance abuse, he seems to have her best interest at heart. he just needs to stop talking with paps when they follow him around.

  9. NO...CAN'T BE

    Son of a bitch, you mean Lindsay did something we need to respect?!?! How the eff did that happen!!

  10. He's gay

    Oh Randal. Can you be any more gay? I don’t think so…

  11. Growing up?

    So, it’s possible that she’s taking sobriety a little seriously now. She’s never contradicted white oprah before; calling her out on her attention whoring behavior is somewhat adult. Which shocks me to say so…

  12. lol @ promising to silently mouth their names…
    Your funny when your not always talking about boobs!! not that I expect that to change of course…

  13. cocknballs

    fuck this cunt. she nothing but a fucking bitchass cunt

  14. you dumb assholes

    Yes, her parents are toxic, but SHE needs to OWN the shit she has done. This stupid girl will never recover as long as she continues to blame everyone else.

  15. Aussie Mama

    Her Mother has been the problem all along. The enabler, riding on her daughters coat tails. If she really does piss her off, things will look on the up for her.

  16. Vito

    How about we discuss this after she’s been clean and sober for 6 months, 9 months, or a year. For now, none of this means shit.

    No sugar in rehab? I suspect it depends on which spin-dry you’re in. I’ve been sober for quite a while and my peers and I always espoused “One Thing at a Time.”

    Get the plug in the jug, then perhaps you’ll be rational enough to work on other things. And don’t drink…no matter what…even if you want to.

  17. abe vigoda's eyebrows

    The rest of those kids are as doomed as Lindsay. Ali, is ugly as sin, and will never have the fame Lindsay did/does. She’ll never measure up, and it will eat away at her. Don’t know enough about the boys, but I am sure they are fucked up too.

  18. wim

    no need to: WE WILL DO IT FOR HER.

  19. dana6

    Of course, the easy

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