Lindsay Lohan Says Harry Styles Tried To Bang Her

And now the time Lindsay Lohan wants you to believe she once turned down one of the dudes from the most popular band on the planet even though she’s currently honeypotting the heir to a Russian business empire for food and shelter. But, okay, sure. Via Gossip Cop:

Lohan alleges she was in bed at 2 a.m. one night in an undisclosed hotel when she heard a knock on her door. “I didn’t know it was him,” says the actress of Styles, who supposedly showed up well-dressed. “He was in a suit. I said, ‘Well, you’re very good-looking. Can I help you?’” According to her, “He was like, ‘I’m Harry. Gavin and Michael sent me here.’ I was in bed. I was like, ‘I’m going to bed but it was nice to meet you.’”
Lohan further tells The Sun, “It was 2 a.m.. I had just come back from an AA meeting. I looked like s**t, too. I was wearing a big hotel robe, I had a slip under it. It was not a good look.” She further notes, “I was watching some really cheesy movie too. You could totally hear it in the background.”
The actress adds that Styles recovered from being turned down by saying he had been duped by friends into showing up unexpectedly for what his pals claimed was a party in her hotel room. “It didn’t click who he was at the time. I told my sister the next day and she was like, ‘Wait, are you kidding me? Do you understand? Do you have his number? Can I have it?’”

Of course, if this really happened, it means they totally fucked and Taylor Swift probably has herpes. But if it didn’t happen, then that means I have herpes? You don’t know what I do when I’m not here.

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