Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed, In Custody

Seen here arriving in court this morning, the Lindsay Lohan probation hearing just took a turn for the awesome. TMZ reports Judge Fox immediately denied her bail without hearing arguments and she’s now in custody – possibly until October 22:

It’s shocking because the underlying offense is a misdemeanor, and people connected with the case were telling us the judge had to offer Lindsay bail.
As for Lindsay’s reaction … she was shocked when the judge remanded her into custody. Lindsay looked at her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holly, before being taken out of the courtroom.

If someone heard him whisper “the chair,” my faith in America will be restored. Though honestly, I’m just waiting for her to walk into the next room to find balloons and a cake with the words “Just Kidding! We Heart You, Lilo!” written on it.

Ha! Pretending to send her to jail. Classic Judge Fox.

Photos: Getty, Splash News