Lindsay Lohan Has A Gun In Her Mouth

Here’s Lindsay Lohan playing with a handgun while posing for Terry Richardson because she’s not allowed to drive Porsches into the back of tractor-trailers during production anymore, so what the hell is she supposed to do? Play Mah-jong? It’s not like she’s accident-prone or anything. That being said, Terry has since pulled the pics from his site, so just assume this conversation happened:

PRODUCER: So after you left the set the other night, did you perhaps go home and, I dunno, snort a bunch of coke while handling firearms?
LINDSAY: It wasn’t me, it was the real Elizabeth Taylor!
PRODUCER: She’s dead.
LINDSAY: Ohmygod, was it because of the gun? I tried to warn her.
PRODUCER: Could you excuse me for a minute? *dies from aneurysm*

Photos: Terry Richardson