Lindsay Lohan’s Out Of The Gotti Movie

Seen here hiding her face in shame after being spotted at the Coldplay concert last night because, honestly, hasn’t she embarrassed herself enough? Lindsay Lohan’s sole acting prospect is basically gone, but here’s the producers cautiously dancing around that fact to avoid Dina breaking into their house and drinking all their gin again. It’s how she shows her feelings. E! News reports:

Now, Lohan, who has lobbied hard for the film, first for the plum role of John Gotti Sr.’s wife, Victoria Gotti, and then taking on the smaller part of John Gotti Jr.’s wife, Kim Gotti, has yet to ink a deal.
However, producers are still in talks with the actress, says Steve Honig, the rep for both Lohan and the film.
“The producers of the film and Lindsay’s representation have not yet worked out an agreement for her to appear in the movie. At this point, we cannot provide a definitive answer either way,” Honig said, adding “Fiore is still very much in talks with Lindsay Lohan to play the role of Kim Gotti.”

Keep in mind this is a film that’s probably never going to see a camera in the first place, not to mention they’ve already ditched Joe Pesci who would’ve made this his long-awaited return to acting. So I’m pretty sure they’re not losing sleep over Lindsay unless the script specifically calls for a pair of freckled tits, “battle worn, and pocked by the ravages of coke and lesbian gargoyle hands” in the third act. In which case, invite her on the set, tell her you’re thinking of casting her in another movie and be sure to have the camera ready because they’re gonna fly out quick. You’ll find yourself questioning if she even arrived with a shirt on, she’s that fast. You’ll be in her dojo now.

Photos: Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News