Lindsay Lohan Got That Work Pass

November 12th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Seen here yesterday, enjoying the care-free lifestyle of not being in jail, Lindsay Lohan managed to get herself the work pass she was campaigning for which effectively added trips to Hollywood to her daily routine of lattes and trips to the mall. Of course, this is such a horribly bad idea that Dr. Drew pounced on it because there’s literally no way he’ll be proven wrong. TMZ reports:

The good doc was out and about in L.A. yesterday at the Grove, claiming Linds could fall off the wagon if she goes back to work “too fast” — adding, “treatment’s gotta be the priority in her life for the next 3-6 months.”

In the meantime, there’s already an excuse for why it looked like Lindsay was a mama pterodactyl shrieking at an egg-stealing Michael Lohan during their visit: Tooth surgery! … Again. Only this time, Lindsay is so hardcore about her treatment, RadarOnline claims she’s refusing pain medication:

“Lindsay had tooth surgery this week,” a source close to the situation told
“She had teeth removed and won’t even take any painkillers for the pain.”

I’m actually going to believe this one. With the chance to go to Hollywood next week and shove her nose in a punch bowl full of blow, sometimes you gotta make sacrifices. Frankly, I’m amazed she didn’t break her own arm off to work the sympathy angle, but then again, that’s been my answer for everything after seeing the trailer for 127 Hours. Is it disrespectful to equate the true life tale of a man pinned under a rock for several days with a coke-deprived Lindsay Lohan? Probably, but let’s not pretend that wasn’t an incredible analogy. We owe it to ourselves.

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  1. Zoro

    bang er

    • Randal

      This is really no surprise considering how in demand Lindsay is these days. Her continued positive outlook on life and her will to get herself back on track speaks volumes about the confidence she has within. Add her deathly curves and beauty to the mix and you’ve got one successful young lady on the prowl.

      Growl Lindsay, grrrrowl!


    • sitin

      You must be a freakin dumbass if that’s what you think! You can’t see a manipulator at work!

  2. Lindsay Lohan Shopping Rehab
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s a girls gone bad posse on the prowl for caffeine.
    At least she ain’t behind the wheel!

  3. Oh Geez


  4. Terrawr

    Why the hell is this chick always going to the dentist and having teeth removed. That’s the reason she was taking painkillers the last time….I guess it’s all that crack.

    • No kidding! I was just thinking that she spends an awful lot of time at the dentist. Unless of course, she’s spending a lot of time at the “dentist”. Getting her “teeth” inhaled into her “nose”. Whoops, didn’t need the last quotes.

      • Layla

        She must be bulimic because they always lose their teeth due to all that stomach acid. Soon she’ll need dental implants to hold her dentures in, just like my 80 year old grandma.

    • Hmmmm nah it can’t be crack. Crack head teef fall out on their own. No need for a dentist to pull them out. Just go ask Whitney Houston about that.

      • you dumb assholes

        Layla, i was bulimic for 8 years and never lost any teeth. I got a filling in a front tooth, but that was the worst of it. No way Lilo has been bulimic longer than I was- yet.

        Of course she didn’t get painkillers- the least “dentist” gave her DILAUDID. What would compare now?

  5. Quantitative Easment #2

    heh heh of course she did! she serves as well you should all learn to. now go eat rice and hot dogs from China.

    • Your disappointed fifth-grade teacher

      You know, that’d be a lot funnier if you’d actually spelled “easement” correctly.

  6. I’m just so goddamn excited that they’re finally making “The Parent Trap II: Lost at Cedars Sinai” that I may not make it through the morning without squealing.

  7. “She had teeth removed and won’t even take any painkillers for the pain.”

    She didn’t need any, because she had plenty heroin.

  8. Taz

    It has been so long LILO. Welcome back.

  9. wim


  10. Alex

    Of course she is enjoying the care-free lifestyle of not being in jail. For the 20 milionth time, Ultra-Rich-Jewish club favors her. Nobody knows why.

  11. Eric

    Wow, everyone is dusting off their ‘A’ material here. Good luck on becoming famous guys.

    • Alex

      WTF are you taking about? Wait. You can’t be serious. You actually…no way. You think we are here to make witty comments in order to make the weekend spotlight on Superficial in some adolescent hopes of becoming famous?

      Holy shit, dude. I saw a homeless guy pick up a can on the side of the road and try to get any last drops out of it this morning on the way to work. I thought that was the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen until I examined the context of your post.

  12. Hope shes not left to her own devices all weekend, knowing shes not on a scram, and that blow flushes out ur system in 48 hrs..

  13. NobodysSecondCousin

    She looks so SMUG.

  14. terri

    She will no doubt be back on coke soon why would anyon let her out of rehab this is just another failed attempt

  15. Layla

    What’s up with the Nike shirt. The Nike campus (office) is so weird, I went there once to visit a friend, and they have all of these bronze busts of sports figures mounted within the walls. It remained me of the Haunted House at Disneyland. I guess she would fit right in, and you know how much drugs those Nike endorsers always have…..

  16. jrdffr

    wow lindsay lohan looks super beautiful on these pictures. i wanna tase myself

  17. She actually does look cleaned up in these pictures. Has the color back in her skin, and has gained some weight. Looks healthier. If she can stay off the cocaine and heroine and crack she may be able to salvage the rest of her teeth. No one looks good without teeth and getting a gum job from Lindsay really doesn’t sound appealing.

  18. What a joke

    So, let me see if I understand this… after all her coked up & drunken escapades, she’s given probation (conditions: no drinking or drugs, must complete her alcohol awareness classes). She doesn’t complete her classes, and is given a 6 month extension. She again doesn’t complete her classes, and misses her court date to appear before the judge, saying “I couldn’t find my passport”, while pics of her looking like a cokewhore are taken in Cannes. She shows a week late to the hearing, is put in jail. Gets out quick, under the condition that she doesn’t drink, wears a SCRAM bracelet, etc. She breaks the conditions of her probation by drinking, is sent to jail & rehab. She gets out way early, probation conditions again are set, she immediately breaks the probation condition by drugging up. She’s sent to jail, but pulled out by another judge; she goes to rehab to avoid going to jail & successfully convinces a judge to sentence her to a 3 month rehab non-jail situation. Now, she’s getting out of rehab whenever she wants to, to buy coffee, go shopping, “take meetings”. (sorry if this chronology is a little off; all her BS is too convoluted to remember everything).

    THIS IS A JOKE. I couldn’t care less what all the “reports from rehab” say; what matters is she’s again avoided having to take responsibility for her actions. If any regular type person had pulled this bullshit, they’d be in general population in jail for 6 months; exactly where she should be. Instead, she’s allowed to go to another glorified spa to dry out. And then is given privileges. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Next time she screws up (which will be very soon; I give it less than 2 months), they need to toss her into jail general population for a minimum of 6 months; let her dry out in county. Also, she needs to have a HORRIFYING jail experience, so she’ll remember it whenever she thinks about drinking or drugging. Aversion therapy is the only thing that will work with this entitled little bitch…

  19. What a homo

    Give it a rest. It’s a well known fact that randal is mental; I’m thinking something around the 85 IQ range…

  20. ZazzBlammymatazz

    Oh please, there was no “tooth surgery” that would necessitate the use of pain medication. This story is a plant by her people, designed to give the impression that brave lil’ Lindsay is finally on the straight & narrow (so PLEASE don’t be afraid to hire her!). Lots of people have dental work performed and the vast majority of those people aren’t handed big jugs of Dilaudid to manage a day or two worth of relatively minor pain. Booze and blow were her problem drugs, everything else was just dressing on the salad, so not getting blasted to the tits on opiates after getting a filling or whatever doesn’t make Lohan some sort of brave little hero. The Lohan crew is short of cash so it’s image-rehab time, that’s all this is. Next you can expect to see lots of staged pics of Lindsay pretending to be busily reading scripts and sipping “club soda” while out at the LA clubs at 4am. A total crock.

  21. RD

    Not that I have any reason to speak in her favor, but she actually looks good in these pics… say what you want, but that’s the truth.

  22. anonym

    what work?

    she has no fuckin job

  23. herbiefrog

    hey… : ) ) )

    …looookin’ good babe

    g o o d

    [are we nearly there yet ?

    [[noone cares what you do in your home ?

    …that’s right isn’t it ? ? ?

    cos otherwise we got some serious problems wiv…

    p r o h i b i t i o n [well done]

    so… dont f*** wiv us n we

  24. Lindsay Lohan Shopping Rehab
    Anita Bonghit
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s actually looking good these days.

  25. vicki

    having teeth pulled does not require strong pain medication, why is this infromation in the public forum anyway.
    Why do the papps know her whereabouts everyday. I don’t believe because they sit watching, plenty of real celebs are more famous than lindsay and are not in the public eye.
    Her management should be keeping her away from public eye and scrutiny, expecially as her mother and daughter spend time reading and commenting on stories.

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