Lindsay Lohan Gets Another Free Pass

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling all morning to bring myself to talk about this latest Lindsay Lohan fiasco because, bottom line, it ends with her getting a free pass for getting drunk at a bar while in court-ordered rehab and, at minimum, getting shitty with a technician trying to give her a breathalyzer which she apparently refused until the morning per Queen Enabler Dina Lohan’s instructions.

As of this post, the whole fiasco has boiled down to a pissing contest between TMZ and RadarOnline, with one calling the other out for paying the now-fired Betty Ford staffer $10 grand for her story while simultaneously paying her to say she was paid. The entire thing makes my head spin. So instead of Lindsay getting tossed in jail for violating her probation, she’s now reportedly going to sue Betty Ford for breaching patient confidentiality and we’ll never know the true story, or whether to believe it, because the fired staffer did cash in pretty quickly and is shopping photos of her injuries as we speak. So that being said, I’m just going to go ahead and assume Lindsay was found drinking bourbon out of a baby’s skull that she ran over earlier in the day. It seems like the safe bet.

Photos: Splash News