Lindsay Lohan Gets Another Free Pass

December 22nd, 2010 // 42 Comments

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling all morning to bring myself to talk about this latest Lindsay Lohan fiasco because, bottom line, it ends with her getting a free pass for getting drunk at a bar while in court-ordered rehab and, at minimum, getting shitty with a technician trying to give her a breathalyzer which she apparently refused until the morning per Queen Enabler Dina Lohan‘s instructions.

As of this post, the whole fiasco has boiled down to a pissing contest between TMZ and RadarOnline, with one calling the other out for paying the now-fired Betty Ford staffer $10 grand for her story while simultaneously paying her to say she was paid. The entire thing makes my head spin. So instead of Lindsay getting tossed in jail for violating her probation, she’s now reportedly going to sue Betty Ford for breaching patient confidentiality and we’ll never know the true story, or whether to believe it, because the fired staffer did cash in pretty quickly and is shopping photos of her injuries as we speak. So that being said, I’m just going to go ahead and assume Lindsay was found drinking bourbon out of a baby’s skull that she ran over earlier in the day. It seems like the safe bet.

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  1. Cock Dr

    It was gin Fish, not bourbon.

  2. Bodacious B. Hind

    Lindsay: “This baby skull gives booze a real pop… or is it the other way around?”

  3. what the hell is up with those duck lips srsly

  4. Jimmy Crotche

    She should just fucking die already.

  5. jojo

    Old talentless Lindsay gets drunk and cried “victim”. And somehow she is making a career out of it.

    • How do we know she was drunk? Again, there was no confirmation she had anything to drink nor is there any proof of her doing anything to that former employee of Betty Ford. Yeah, Lindsay has a bad past and has been an idiot before, but the fact that this former employee was fired from the Clinic and there isn’t a SHRED of evidence pointing to Lindsay Lohan being drunk that night OR assaulting the worker makes me think the whole thing is bullshit.

      Her and friends went to a bar. Fact. No one at the bar has come forward to say they saw Lindsay have a single drink. Fact. She came in 10 minutes past her curfew. Fact. Those are ALL THE FACTS WE KNOW.

  6. grobpilot

    Be patient, everyone. She will eventually be another tragic tale of celebrity gone wrong. She’ll be found in her upside-down car in a water-filled ditch with a cock down her throat and a blood alcohol level of 3.0. A couple of weeks after that, we will have all forgotten all about her. But, a few months later, a couple of “E” documentaries and probably a made-for-TV movie about her unfortunate life will hit the screen and her parents will make a big fat paycheck that they’ll go to court over. Once that money is gone, they’ll turn Ali over to the biggest porn producer in the country and start the cycle all over again. I’ll bet it happens just like that.

    • Merry Christmas

      Of course it will. There is decadent subterfuge being practiced by this cabal of perverts. They are engineering our culture. I don’t watch tv personally, it’s too capitalistic and filthy. Like the media.
      Merrry Christmas!

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Just set her free and let her waste herself away. Seriously.

  8. And Michael was on one of the GMA or something this morning acting like the Lohan PR machine. What a bunch of fuck ups. She’ll die sooner or later. What a fuckin waste.

  9. Mr Obvious

    Just let her die already because she’s just going to end up OD in a few years.

    But for Michael and Dina, they need to have their kids taken away from them. Ali and the younger brother need to be in a loving family.

  10. Polly Anna

    I don’t believe this milk-a-holic would sue anyone, she’s not like that.

  11. Rooster

    I would like to have a free pass to cause her significant vaginal trauma.

  12. That mouth is just perfect for giving head….

  13. Richard McBeef

    thermodynamic laws prevent the development of a fire large and hot enough to consume the entire lohan family in a just manner.

  14. Alex


    Now it is just taunts. Like a game. Probably going for double digits on making a rube out of the California legal system. Lindsay is the ideal playing piece.

  15. edamame

    I hope she got those jacked up lips by someone repeatedly punching her in the mouth!

  16. Pangulin

    While one is predisposed to give Lindsay absolutely no sympathy and little creedence to her family’s statements,wishing her dead is uncool and extremely harsh. If, you are so turned off by information about her actions, why bother even reading about them? The sooner everyone including Fish,TMZ and Radar on Line stop caring about what she does or reporting it, the sooner she can slip into obscurity and live whatever life she has left to her.
    Fish, take the high road here and refuse to post anything that pertains to Lindsay, short of her obituary, include in that ban anything that comes from the two biggest loser parents ever, Michael Lohan and Orange Oprah and then urge other online and print media outlets to do the same. There are plenty of other potential train wrecks and more than a dozen times that many truly interesting celebrities you can post items about, People are just plain sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan and her family.

    • Well, while I’m sure Fish would love to take the high road, there’s this thing he needs called “food and shelter”. Okay, so they’re two things, really, but my point is

  17. noooooooo

    Not sure why she’s so worried about avoiding jail, there’s plenty of torn up women like her in there already. I guess her fear is falling into obscurity among to the population.

  18. Dumb whore

    You’ve got to hand it to blowhan; she knows how to lie, cheat & steal with the best of them. With her arrogant, entitled attitude & insistence on being a drunk, he’s going to end up dead very soon, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it…

    • Drew

      Yup. Eventually, in some way, it will catch up to her. Whether someone actually has the balls to lock her up without backing out on it, or she’s found dead, it will catch up to her. I hope it does sooner than later. I’m tired of watching this fucking cunt stick her middle finger up at the world, it’s time karma shoved it’s fist up her ass.

  19. JN

    LOL! I love it when gossip loses.

  20. **Sits back and watches everyone rip into Lohan even though, for once, there is nothing to show she did anything at all except for one disgruntled Betty Ford Clinic former employee whow as fired from her job just after this ‘story’ became news.**

    Lohan and her family are turds. In this case, I think it’s a person trying to grab whatever attention and money she can by targetting Lohan. An easy mark because no one would dispute the possibility of it being true. Except, there’s no evidence to show this person’s story as being remotely accurate.

  21. Lindsay Lohan
    dengue fever
    Commented on this photo:

    would crush this

  22. She obviously takes my screenname waaay too literally.

  23. with those lips and hair she is slowly turning into Rose McGowan.

  24. True Dat Peeps

    Those pale cheeks and that anal sphincter are perfect for pinching my throbbing penis as i release my semen balls deep into her perfect ass

  25. Why the fuck don’t they just make her Queen Shit Of The Universe™ and be done with it already.

  26. koli26

    Ish the court system obviously doesn’t want to safe this one they are letting her go down in flames.

  27. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    holy shit, she actually looks good.

  28. fast speeder

    why the hell are they even considering keeping her alive for if shes too fucking
    stupid to get the point?

    hell just let her od or just die in a freaking car crash alreadly cause we’re all
    sick of hearing about lindsay lodrunk.

    hell her and shia ladrunk would make a good team as well!

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