Lindsay Lohan Emerges

July 9th, 2010 // 54 Comments

Making her first appearance since being sentenced to 90 days in jail, here’s Lindsay Lohan outside Blick Art Supply in LA last night and you gotta love the thought process here. “I know! I’ll cover my face so they can only take pictures of my ample cleavage that made me famous in the first place. Ha, suckers.” Seriously, I almost don’t want her to go to rehab now. I think the drugs are helping.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. WOW look at that drooping boob. I would like to bite it.

    I bet it tastes like cocaine.

  2. MiKe

    Tastes like cocaine and 427 other guy’s semen. And the bottom of a dirty ashtray. But go for it.

  3. Karm
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    Nice cleavage indeed. She needs to do some hardcore pornography, stat.

  4. Captain_Insano

    What a useless cunt.

  5. lerxt
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    nice …

  6. Micki

    Her boob looks saggy…

    • somebody

      She is to old to not have a bra, nobody likes saggy grandma tits, save your money and get your tits fixed like everyone else in hollywood.

  7. Gary Coleman

    Hi, you dumb saggy-boobed cum-guzzling cunt. Oh, chain-smoking life support system for a vagina, too. Freckle-boobed firecrotch whore. Should I keep going?

  8. Rush

    i don’t get it. used to, when somebody got sentenced to jail, they went to jail. i don’t understand why there is a waiting period now, especially for people like lindsey. “hey, you’ve got a serious drug and alcohol problem, so you’re going to jail… next month.” stupid.

    nice photos though. she looks like her mom.

  9. Ksurfiws

    mmmm…freckled droopy boob

  10. Slag

    She should have put the bag over her head instead of in front of it.

  11. the EPA
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    She looks like she’d smell just awful.

  12. Mike

    Can’t we just keep focusing on the banner girl competition? Ugh..

  13. MissM

    I love that dress!! anyone know who makes it?

  14. Dr. Laura

    Maybe Lindsay will start to figure out that she is not above the law. The other day when she got sentenced to jail, as she was crying and hanging on to her lawyer, she reminded me of a 3 year old child that always get her way and is being told no for the first time. Pathetic. And yes, obviously the “fuck u” fingernail was a purposeful “bird” to the judge, and I figure she should have gotten and extra 30 days for contempt.

  15. Brit

    Lindsay Lohan Emerges…and her left boob attempts to emerge

  16. bimbamboing

    What color do prison clothes have? Orange?

  17. kelley

    If she is so broke, how come the Birken bag ??

    • justifiable

      Oh, she can shop like a motherfucker. Paying for it – well, that’s something else. But I bet that bag was a “sweetener” to make an appearance somewhere, get drunk and start a fight. Drink throwing and coke snorting cost extra.

      • kelley

        LOL … and Mao ? She has stolen plenty of things, including someone’s coat from a restaurant … I still wonder about that jewelery that disappeared from the photo shoot …

  18. Oh man, I love Blick so much. My favorite art store. My respect just doubled for Lilo. However, 0×2=0…

  19. mao

    I have a question, why does everyone hate her so much?
    what has she done?
    Don’t get me wrong, I hate her as much as you do,

    but I was thinking, besides doing drugs and wasting her money,
    what has she done? nothing? she hasn’t hurt anyone
    or stolen anything
    so why is it that we hate her so freaking much?

    The people responsible for the Oil Leak, those are truly criminals, but they’re not going to jail,
    the people that made the market crash, none of them went to jail,
    and no one cares, no one gives a fck about the oil spill
    yet here is this MEssed up girl, and we hate her so
    kinda weird…

    • Cock Dr

      I don’t hate her…..but I do luv to see a celebrity who flouts the law (over & over & over again) get some justice.
      I mean, she came to court with FU painted on her fingernails…knowing that cameras would be coming in for closeups. LiLo needs a lesson. Hope that the CA legal system doesn’t wuss out on this. Overcrowding my ass!

    • justifiable

      mao, she has stolen stuff. She’s blatantly ripped off someoone’s coat at a club, and more than one store has sued her for not paying for the clothes she now claims were a “gift”. She was arrested for DUI and then almost immediately got into another DUI accident where the cops also found coke in her car. You or I would be in jail at this point – she got the chance to hide out in rehab for 45 days. She got released as long as she wore a SCRAM bracelet, and then almost immediately racked up another DUI and went back to rehab. She left after two weeks and was then arrested for DUI, driving with a suspended license and felony coke possession. She spent a few hours in jail and got 3 years probation, conditional on attending alcohol education classes, which she blew off. Her probation was extended for a year, still conditional on attending them, and she still can’t manage to get there due to her busy social schedule.

      I don’t know about you, but “she hasn’t killed anyone yet even though she drives drunk with a snootful of coke” isn’t the same thing as “not hurting anyone.” I live and drive in LA, and a lot of my friends and family are on the road at the same time she is, so I’m not quite so cool with her attitude and her track record as you are. So just because the CEOs of BP or Goldman Sachs aren’t gonna do jail time, you actually think LL should just be given a pass? Fucked up logic, there.

      • Mao

        WOW justifiable

        I didn’t really knew the whole story, She is SUCH a BITCH, I didn’t know about the stores and all the opportunities she had, AND MOST people don’t THAT SUCKS, you are totally right,
        A lot of people at the Gym i go to where talking like “omg Poor Lindsay, :(
        So that’s why i wrote what i wrote
        Dont get me wrong, I fucking hate her, and paris hilton, and Kim kardatian, i hate them a lot,
        And i think She should go to jail like the rest of us, I do,
        My post was meant to ask about the hate we all have for her, not the jail time
        I wanted to know why so many people including myself find her revolting
        but the CEOs and BP, no one really has any feeling against them,
        at least not as strong as against lindsay, Yeah yeah you saw people in the streets complaning against the CEOs but most people dont care about what they did,

        I completely agree with you about her, :)

    • You ain't good enough to sit on ROUGH's boner, I mean banner!

      People do things to fit in. Even behind a pc.

  20. somebody
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    Is it just me or is she getting too old to not wear a bra, nobody likes saggy tits. Get em fixed or strap em in.

  21. I disagree with some of you. She may be trashy but I bet she sucks a dick like an art form. Trashy girls always do. i think it’s because they no longer have inhibitions or they just flat out lost all their self respect so inside they’re like “fuck it, maybe he’ll love me and take care of me”. I love that because they hold onto some kind of hope while they’re bobbin on your pole and the whole time you pretend to pay attention to their feelings. It’s kinda like a game they know they’ll lose but they play anyway.

    • Cock Dr

      The girl is an addict with entitlement issues. Likely she would lay there texting her dealer while you pounded…..& then demand to be driven somewhere.
      But hey, keep that fellatio fantasy….it’s a beauty & will likely work with a number of other woman regularly posted here.

  22. nao

    Did she stole ths pricey handbag from someone ?

  23. deadgoon

    It must suck to go from jailbait to jailbird.

  24. Jake_Ryan
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    Hey, look who got her nails did.

  25. turd da 3rd
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    I really hate this new photo gallery…

  26. Idiot!

    Droopy tits. Yuck.

  27. Lisa

    Bitch has a Birkin!??!

    Goddamn celebutards.

  28. joho777

    Lindsay’s plastic titties are going to be a big hit with the other “girls” the first time she takes a shower.

    Hey, maybe she will have a jailhouse romance! It has happened to the feebleminded before!

  29. luv white boobies

    I would bust such a huge load in her she’d need to carry a bucket between her legs…

  30. RudeDude

    Nothing to see folks, just go about your day. Kid just got the wind knocked out of her.

  31. Fati87

    She should get sent to jail more often, because this is the best she has looked and dressed in about 4 years.

  32. captain america

    ……….enjoy it while you can.

  33. Fuckit

    I wonder if I could get a conjugal visit?

  34. Leelou

    Wow, this must be the “working” she is always using as an excuse as to why she cant go to her court appointed classes. lol. I still dont get that. WHAT WORK?? You have no career right now other then spending money you dont have and taking photos that never make any credible print! I dont get how deluded and self absorbed she has become. Oh wait, then I think about her famewhoring mother and father and it all makes sense. Seeing those two almost makes me feel bad for Lindsay. Almost.

  35. Kaz

    Lindsay go in jail stay 100 in jail

  36. herbiefrog
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    hey babe…

    nice frock : ) )

    stuill tryin’ to get the bag ? )

  37. JollyJumJuck

    All I can say is,

    #1 Residuals must be one hell of a good income if she can keep spending the way she does.
    #2 Typical celebrity wants to hog the limelight as long as the photographs are flattering, but when the attention turns negative, “Oh poor me stop taking pictures!” Celebrities want all the attention and glory and worship, but also want the privacy. Sorry! You can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

  38. BLICK art supply?? really?? i think she thought it said DICK ass supply or some shit like that…
    OR, the more likely reason, she went in to get something to SNIFF and get fucked up cause she just cant handle it anymore

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