Lindsay Lohan Stole A Bracelet From Elizabeth Taylor’s Nurse. Of Course.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Somebody showed Lindsay Lohan an object that she wanted and then said object immediately went missing because she stole the shit out of it. RadarOnline reports:

“Lindsay became very good friends with Elizabeth Taylor’s longtime nurse while shooting Liz & Dick,” a source close to the situation tells Radar. “Elizabeth had given the nurse an expensive bracelet that was very meaningful to her and the nurse absolutely cherished it. Lindsay immediately fell in love with the bracelet the minute she saw it and was very vocal about how much she admired it. A short time later, the bracelet disappeared from the nurse’s house … on the very same day Lindsay had been to visit.
“The nurse initially gave Lindsay the benefit of the doubt, thinking that she had just accidentally forgotten to take the bracelet off after trying it on. However, that theory was soon shot down after she called Lindsay and she swore she did not take the bracelet and categorically denied having it in her possession. The nurse knew that was a blatant lie as the bracelet disappeared after Lindsay was at the house and she knew that it had to have been Lindsay who took it. In the end, it took over a week to get the bracelet back from Lindsay and it was only returned after the nurse threatened to call the cops. One of Lindsay’s people eventually returned the bracelet to the nurse, who was extremely upset about what had transpired,” the source says.

My god, she truly is a master thief. [Update: And forger now. – SW] We must alert Buckingham Palace at once. She’s no doubt casing the joint as we speak. And by casing the joint I mean banging wealthy dignitaries for money while imagining herself pushing the Queen over and stealing her crown.

LINDSAY: Haha.. yoink.
PRINCE: Sing song soo wow! This one speak. You no get money.
DINA: Oh, I believe you’ll pay. Pay with your life! *reaches for katana, finds it missing* LINDSAY!
LINDSAY: It had a pretty handle!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin