Lindsay Lohan’s In The New Season of ‘Eastbound And Down’

August 15th, 2013 // 24 Comments
Did Someone Say Nudity?
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Two days ago, Lindsay Lohan posted this pic to Instagram with the caption “#back@work! So grateful today! :)” and like most rational people, I just assumed she meant hooking. Back to hooking :) Turns out she’s in North Carolina filming the new season of Eastbound & Down which makes no fucking sense until you remember HBO runs on nudity. Which, really, is the only reason to hire Lindsay Lohan besides blowing Charlie Sheen so hard he forgets to stab a hooker in front of the entire crew and declare himself “KALI MA.” Every day with that shit.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Dave Spencer / Splash News


  1. EricLR

    In other news, Danny McBride was rushed to the emergency room today with a near-fatal outbreak of what doctors are describing as “SuperHerpes,” a new strain of the herpes virus that the CDC is describing as “extremely dangerous” and “smelly, like a mixture of stale sweat and cigarettes.”

  2. Cock Dr

    Gobs of Vaseline on the lens is a fine old trick. Nicely done.
    Feel so sorry for the crew on that HBO production. Here comes the trainwreck speeding straight at ya.

  3. p216

    It also makes sense considering she looks like a busted Daytona stripper.

  4. It actually makes a lot of sense. KP and LL are kindred spirits.

  5. alex

    It’s going to take more than a soft filter to smooth out her rough edges. Does The Superficial have a relapse pool we can sign up for? My guess is that she’ll last 6 weeks before falling off the wagon. That puts my guess at September 26th. Watch and see bitches!

    • EricLR

      6 weeks? And here I thought all the optimists on this site had long since been rounded up and sent to recynification camp.

  6. HBO will be winning an Emmy for special effects and the technology that will be henceforth known as the “Lindsay Desagger”

  7. I don’t know, she has that dreamy, far away look that only a handful of Xanax, a few bumps of crushed up Ketamine, and a tumbler of vodka can bring.

  8. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Hmm, she looks pretty good here.

    Wait, am I still drunk from last night/ this morning?

    Oh, still drunk. Good – I’d hate to be seeing things.

  9. JC

    Cue article about how she showed up 3 days late, stole a car, a couch, and a bird feeder, and then refused to come out of her trailer in 3…2…1….

    • I only know “Eastbound & Down” from the promos HBO runs, yet I have the feeling that you just described what happens in a typical episode.

  10. BlinkyTheFish

    Tilting your chin up is an old photography trick to make you look less jowly. Still not fooling anyone though. I give it one fay before she starts going AWOL/throwing tamtrums etc etc etc….

  11. Eastbound and Down and Out.

  12. Good to see she’s back to work. It’ll be fun to see how she fucks up this one.

  13. wtf are they making another season of eastbound & down for? They way they ended the last one seemed like a loud & clear ‘fuck you we’re done with this shit’ to me.

  14. Guest

    The next season will be the last so the producers probably just don’t give a fuck anymore… Or maybe they hope Lindsay will bring in viewers and save their pathetic show.

    Either way, not impressive.

  15. GREAT to hear they filled the role of “Barfly Floozy #2 for that episode.

  16. Like we need more bad press down here in NC.

  17. mark

    god almighty! I can’t tell who I fuckin’ hate more…kim kardashian and her smelly mother or this freckled herpe and her shit-smelling mother. here’s a reality show i’d watch with great interest!! it’s called, “SO YOU THINK KIM KARDASHIAN, HER MOM AND LINDSAY LOHAN AND HER MOM CAN SURVIVE A FUCKIN’ SHARK ATTACK??!!!” or perhaps, “CAN THESE 4 FUCKIN’ CUNT-SHIT HOLES SURVIVE BEING THROWN OFF A SPEEDING TRAIN?!! I will fervently celebrate all of their deaths and truly hope it happens damn soon!! fuck them all in their worthless, toilet cloggers!

    • beany

      Reminds me of Bill Hick’s TV show idea to hunt down and kill Billy Ray Cyrus. You know there is no God when Billy Ray and Lindsay are alive and Hicks’ has been dead for 19 years.

  18. Huh?

    I think I can picture the shark circling Kenny Powers’ jet ski. I hope he wears a leather jacket

  19. Kim

    I like EB&D..funny show. And I’m glad to see Lohan working again. Danny McBride is a nice, down to earth dude. Maybe he just wanted to help her out. Or maybe being a drug addict doesn’t diminish your talent after all.

  20. Lindsay Lohan First Public Sighting Since Leaving Rehab
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsay is really aging.

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