Lindsay Lohan Ducks Jail, Ordered to Rehab

October 22nd, 2010 // 43 Comments

And she pulled it off.

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to remain in rehab at the Betty Ford Center until January 3, 2011, according to TMZ. She was in court today (above) for failing two drug tests which many hilariously speculated would land her back in jail. But in all seriousness, this actually seems like the right decision considering every time she goes to prison it’s a goddamn joke. I’ve seen toddlers get a toy taken away that seemed like a harsher punishment. However, I would’ve preferred seeing her sentenced to one of those “rehab boot camps” Elton John was talking about. Or even just boot camp in general. We should probably start putting that on the table.

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Cock Dr

    Too bad. LiLo was probably looking forward to a snowy white Xmas.
    This will keep that parents off her, so that’s a good thing.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Of course she got what she wanted.
    And OF COURSE I still have her at the top of my Dead Pool, just waiting to collect.

  3. gogo

    is this in reference to her duck lips..?

  4. jill


  5. Daisy

    FAKE! This is so photoshopped! You can tell because the shadows are all wrong!

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie “Breakfast Club” where Ally Sheedy’s introvert character is quizzing Anthony Michael Hall’s nerd character about the stats on his driver’s license. “Your middle name is ‘Ralph’, as in ‘puke’ “, she smugly declares. When Molly Ringwald’s character “Claire” (the requisite stuck up popular rich bitch) queries, “Why do you have a fake id making yourself only 18 years old”? “So I can vote”, he replies.

    • suprgrl

      WTF are you on about?? what’s been photoshopped? and what’s with the reference to the Breakfast Club? how is that relevant?

      • haha

        This dumb ass posts this same thing in everything on multiple sites. Its what you call a super troll. Sad part is they banned this shithead from most other sites but here I guess they do not have the power to ban trolls.

    • suprgrl

      @haha – who are you talking about dipshit? who’s banned from what?

      • haha

        @suprgrl – Wow did not expect you to be so slow. What post do you think makes no sense and is out of place here? Seeing you might just miss it again I will tell you. It is the Daisy post about photoshopped shit. Its the same post you see weekly regardless of whats posted here. Its a copy and paste job.

        Understand now? Do you finally get it? They are called trolls on forums.

      • Jennyjenjen

        I don’t know why, but I don’t find Daisy annoying. I think she’s kind of interesting. Like does she really believe these pics equate to certain scenes in flicks? If so, she’s totally nuts, but a little entertaining..

  6. nahhhhh

    Seriously, it’s “Betty Ford Center” not “Betty Ford Clinic”.

  7. s

    Can you get this shitty advertising off the sides of your site?
    In a specific post nudity and stuff is fine because you can move away from it if you don’t like it. This is gross and I can’t get away from it …these kids are too young. I’m all for nudity but not when they look like 14 yr olds. Thanks. NSFW, either.

  8. TAB

    And I guarantee she will get out WAY before January 3, 2011 for some bullshit defense. In her case, she celebrates Kwanzaa.

    She needs to go to jail and get a serious ass-whoopin’

  9. joho777

    I am still struck by the fact that Lindsay could have avoided all of the events of this year (court, jail, SCRAM, rehab, etc.) if she had just attended the damn Alcohol Ed. classes as she had agreed she would.

    What a useless slag.

  10. Alex

    Once again, I told you so. Remember: Ultra-rich Jew Club.

    • Confused

      So T.I. get 11 months for the Codeine and Lindsey gets rehab for her 2nd probation violation or are we still calling this her first… i give up

  11. Racer X

    I hate this planet. Just ’cause she’s rich and white she sees no jail time, she’ll OD soon enough.

  12. JRS22

    What’s the point of even making her take drug tests if nothing ever results from it?

  13. haha

    Wonder how much she has paid this judge. They literally go outside the laws to protect this little whore.This is one judge who should get canned quickly. Anyone else in the world including celebrities would have to go to jail seeing that is how the law is written. So pretty obvious someone is getting paid off here and getting away with it.

  14. oh these publicity stunts lindsay and her family are pullling are getting BORRRRRRRING!!!!!!!!

  15. You know, when she’s not all drugged out and puking in an alleyway with her skirt above her head bending over a railing while some coke snorting pimp wannabe is fucking her corn hole … she looks good still.

    If she serves the full sentence I will … I will … well I will not do anything because knowing you fuckers you’d make me go through with whatever it was I said.

  16. I finally figured out why she doesn’t have money problems. It’s all the golden horseshoes she keeps shitting out.

  17. John

    So she is away for 73 days and just misses New Years. Will she be getting out for weekends or days. Or was the Juge firm that she was not to step off the property for this time?. Will be interesting.

  18. John

    So by my math (and correct me if you’re lame) that is 97 days in total since she check herself in. That is an odd number.

  19. anonymous

    actually i prefer this to LiLo going to jail. in jail, WE have to pay for her to be locked up. in rehab, SHE has to pay for it. especially if she’s in on of those $30K/mo rehabs.

  20. Ash Bones

    How does she have any money left?

  21. jay

    Hey, I have a better idea. Why don’t they spend that money on a night or two in a fancy hotel room and a limitless supply of cocaine, alcohol and whatever else she can blow up her nose or shoot in her veins and let her have at it. She’ll kill herself in no time. And when she’s found dead in a soup of booze, puke, and coke, that’ll be the end of it. No more games, no more poinless drug tests, and no more wasted time, money, and fake tears. This is not a game–it’s not cute, and it’s not charming. Life is not fair and the world is not kind, and if you can’t take it, too fucking bad.

  22. JollyJumJuck

    And God’s Favorite Child escapes punishment once again. Seriously, why do they even bother? Just let her do whatever the fuck she wants.

  23. chrisknight

    You must have a strong heart to Quit the addiction

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