There’s a Video of Lindsay Buying Drugs

X17 just posted recent footage of Lindsay Lohan sitting on the street with friends inspecting Ziploc bags full of a powdery, coarse substance and then handing someone cash for said substance. So, of course, her publicist has a perfectly rational explanation for all this, and I can safely say it not only clears things up, but makes you wonder why this wasn’t the first assumption right off the bat. It’s just so obvious. RadarOnline reports: has exclusively learned that the plastic bag did indeed contain various rocks and crystals — but they were all of the legal variety – sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, all purchased by her pal from a store down the street.

Yes, because when you’re purchasing sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz, you want to make sure it’s all loosely collected in the same plastic bag. From there, it’s a simple matter of paying random strangers cash to hold the bag then hand it back to you to lock in the space power. I swear, it’s like no one’s ever bought sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz before.

Photos: David Tonnesson/Pacific Coast News