This is How Lindsay Lohan’s Been Getting Into Fashion Week Parties

What you’re looking at is Lindsay Lohan pulling something out of her purse, leaning her head down and then making this face in the apartment of Vikram Chatwal, the multimillionaire owner of the Dream Downtown hotel in Manhattan. Now, keep that name in mind as you read this Page Six report from Marc Jacobs’ Fashion Week party which happened two days later:

Witnesses told us that when a friend of Lohan’s tried to approach door staff at the Jacobs party to let her inside, she was rebuffed several times. “It’s not going to happen,” event organizers repeated.
So Lohan called on her pal, Dream owner Vikram Chatwal, who walked her into the event. She took a seat in a booth near Dakota Fanning, who stars in Jacobs’ ad campaign for his Oh, Lola! fragrance.
But moments later, spies said security approached Lohan and told her she wasn’t welcome. The starlet was then bounced from the venue while Juergen Teller, Michael Pitt, Mischa Barton and Fanning partied on.

So, basically Lindsay went to a rich man’s apartment, did a bunch of shady shit conveniently in front of a window (Anyone else surprised she didn’t wave at the paparazzi? Because I’m surprised she didn’t wave at the paparazzi.) and then got him to walk her into a party she wasn’t invited to, only to watch him let security bounce her out moments later when paying customers with real people money complained. There’s a metaphor for her life in all this that I’m not clever enough to make, so l’m just going to say all those years pretending to be a lesbian made her forgot how to operate a penis with her mouth. No wonder Dina and Michael were so against it. They probably swore a blood oath. “Death before jobs!”

Photos: Splash News