Lindsay Lohan Told Her Dad Dina Was High On Cocaine, Is Probably A Good Judge Of That

“Be a good girl and suck all those dicks like I told you. Mommy loves you.”

Seen here conveniently hugging in front of the paparazzi after their drunken brawl last night, Lindsay Lohan and Dina were apparently fighting over money last night, according to Michael Lohan who was actually the one who called 911 but not before winning another Father of the Year Award recording Lindsay’s frantic phone call to him so he could immediately sell it to TMZ. Which he did:

Lindsay Lohan made an hysterical plea for help to her father, as she claimed she was being kidnapped by Dina Lohan, screaming, “Dad, she’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck, and s**t” … and TMZ has obtained audio of the conversation.

During Lindsay’s conversation, Lindsay tells her dad the fight ignited over money. Lindsay says she gave her mom $40,000 because Dina claimed she needed it to save her home from foreclosure. Nonetheless, Lindsay wanted her money back, and that’s when fireworks erupted.
Lindsay told her dad, “She’s saying disgusting things to me … I’m dead to her now.”
Lindsay says her mom is calling her “nuts.”
During the conversation, you hear Lindsay tell her mom, “This is what you do. You ruin people,” adding, “She’s like the fucking devil right now.”

I honestly don’t know what to think here because on the one hand you have Lindsay Lohan who knows exactly what the signs are of losing your shit on cocaine because there’s usually a mirror around. But on the other hand, you have Lindsay Lohan who will lie straight out of her freckled anus. So no one really knows what happened in that car except for Dina’s driver who you know has helped a john covered in blood flee across the border before, so he’s not talking. And even if he did, no one would believe him. “Mees Lohan, she open her mouth and out come the head of a snake that said ‘choo better bring me a baby to eat,’ and I was all like, ‘DAY-AMN, I dunno if I can letchoo finish this blowjob, Mees Lindsay.’ I never seen any-ting like it in my life. The snake, not the blowjob, that’s how she pay me.”

Photos: INFdaily