Lindsay Lohan’s Crashing Parties Again

January 16th, 2012 // 67 Comments

Looking at these photos of Lindsay Lohan at Harvey Weinstein’s Golden Globes after-party last night, you’d just assume she was somehow invited after Dina promised half-off handies for everyone who saved their Globes ticket stub. Except it turns out Lindsay’s been sneaking into parties on her own all week because apparently it’s Surprisingly Faithful Hotel Owners Week in Hollywood. NY Daily News reports:

On Wednesday the Weinstein Company hosted a pre-Globes party at the Chateau Marmont in L.A., and an insider says Lohan snuck in via the hotel’s back entrance. She then “made her way to the entrance for photo ops,” where the Weinstein firm’s Globe nominees, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo from “The Artist” and Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Williams from “My Week With Marilyn,” were being snapped.

Keep in mind, Lindsay’s been staying at the Marmont for the past week and a half because an alcoholic on probation living above a bar is always an awesome idea, so this report is basically telling me she’s tying her sheets together, rappelling into parties and then walking right in front of the camera and no one’s calling her on her shit? Jesus. How hard is it to scream, “Outsider!” then aim a flashlight at her so she scurries under the table? Actors are lazy.

Photos: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News, WENN


  1. Lindsay Lohan Weinstein Company After Party
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    Can’t believe she fucked with her nose. It doesn’t look natural now. That’s all there is to it… it’s annoying…

  2. Lindsay Lohan Weinstein Company After Party
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