Lindsay Lohan Continues To Grab Life By The Horns And Suck Them For $100,000

January 18th, 2013 // 30 Comments
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Remember back in December, when Lindsay Lohan was still working as the world’s shittiest thief instead of her new gig infecting rich men with HIV? Well, it turns out the IRS was watching the whole time and they don’t accept ‘throat dollars.’ via Radar:

Lindsay Lohan will have to pay a hefty gift tax on the $250,000 worth of swanky furniture that was given to her by the producers of the hit Bravo reality television show, Million Dollar Decorator, because the troubled starlet refused to participate in the big reveal

Wait, she refused to participate in something she willfully agreed to? I don’t believe it, there’s just no way Lindsay would ever do someth– Cue pornstar & Lindsay’s co-star of The Canyons, James Deen with example #342,672 of this exact pattern of behavior. via The Daily Beast

I can’t speak for her, but we were all hanging out, joking around, and it was the three of us naked in bed—and Lindsay was half naked—and then she all of a sudden was like, “Could you guys put your clothes back on? I’m feeling really uncomfortable.” And then we were like, “Ugh, OK.” So we put our robes back on, but she was still lying on the bed topless, and we were like, “Well, what about you?” And she was like, “No! I can be naked, but you can’t be!” We were like, “All right … Whatever you need.”

Which I’m assuming is the exact moment a dump truck full of coke burst through the wall as per Lindsay’s rider. You see, she wasn’t being difficult after all, she was just waiting on what she was owed. Deen continued, “After we wrapped the scene, some L.A. County Sheriff showed up saying something about skid row and kicking a homeless guy to death. At first I was weirded out, but thought back to lunch when they brought her the still-beating heart of a newborn to eat and just figured it’s a Hollywood thing I’m not hip to yet.”


  1. I think the gift tax is 40%, so 40% of $250k is exactly one BJ.

  2. I bet that tattoo says “Aim here” in Sanskrit.

  3. I’d give her $20 to ash a cigarette in her pussy.

  4. inkydink

    What a whore.

  5. “No! I can be naked, but you can’t be!”

    She seems to get goofier and goofier. Or is there some convoluted logic at work here?

  6. zomgbie

    its not lindsay’s fault.
    she never agreed to always pay taxes.

  7. H&R Block: “Well Ms Lohan, your tax bill is $300,000″
    Lindsay: “how much of that can I pay in blowjobs”
    H&R Block: “You can validate your parking with one”…ziiip

  8. So the international hooker is uncomfortable around naked men? I love when she pretends to have some dignity left. It’s cute.

  9. What the hell is in that first pic? A sagger or an extra arm?

  10. Motorboat Captain

    I immediately regret having ever wanted to see her in porn.

  11. anonymous

    In her defense, her tits are the only reason she gets acting gigs or johns. If there are better tits out there, they can’t be bared out in the same room with LL.

    It’s screws up her sales. Same reason Apple likes to sue anyone who makes a smartphone.

  12. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
    Commented on this photo:

    Let me get this straight. Guys are paying for that?

  13. Just to think for only $100,000 you too can have your dick smell like Jack Daniels and cigarettes.

  14. No pro but...

    Gift Tax is paid by the gifter, I don’t think it applies to companies though. It’ll probably just be treated as income, taxed at whatever her regular rate.

  15. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
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    Can you imagine the embarrassment of waking up next to that thing when your sober

  16. kery

    Her body looks ugly. She can hire the best personal trainer to be in shape. Seriously i don’t understand this bitch !! ;)

  17. Nobody's Second Cousin

    Seriously, she looks like a chunky monkey. If she could see herself from behind (or ever bothered to look in a mirror) she’d NEVER leave the house like that. Or, maybe she would and doesn’t care. Either way, yech.

  18. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
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    Those are some floppy-ass titties right there.

  19. brian

    I’d still let her suck my dick. Those tits will be fun for at least a couple more years, too.

  20. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
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    Lazy alcoholic bloated sloth.

  21. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
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    OMG, just completely ruined my lunch.

  22. Lindsay Lohan Braless Side Boob
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