Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Do Her Community Service. Again.

Back in February, Lindsay Lohan was graciously given more community service hours after turning in bullshit community service hours because fucking Hollywood. So naturally she didn’t complete any of those hours, but she did find time to shill Hairburst on Instagram because what’s better marketing than Lindsay Lohan holding a bottle of pills? That’s money well spent. TMZ reports:

The judge ordered her to complete 125 additional hours by the end of the month. Lindsay’s lawyer and the prosecutor will appear in court Thursday for a progress hearing, but we’re told the community service organization in London has told prosecutors Lindsay has completed fewer than 20 hours.

While prosecutors are requesting an arrest warrant, Lindsay’s already outsmarted them by posting this photo of a stack of paper which clearly proves she’s been doing her community service and not just photographing random stacks of paper for five minutes. For God’s sake, she wrote “Community Service -office day-” with a thumbs up emoji. That’s a sacred trust. Only an animal would abuse that.

Community Service -office day-

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