Lindsay Lohan’s Shooting Commercials While On House Arrest. Of Course.

June 21st, 2011 // 39 Comments

If you thought Lindsay Lohan was just spending her house arrest throwing parties because she’s not subject to drug or alcohol tests, think again. She’s also filming commercials because what kind of society would we live in where celebrities got cushy sentences for flagrantly disregarding the law, yet didn’t get to make money off it? We might as well throw shit at each other and bang sabertooth tigers like on The Flintstones. TMZ reports:

Lohan got in front of the camera for an Internet penny auction site called
A rep for the company tells us Lohan was originally offered $25k for the job … which the actress turned down … but the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount.
We’re also told Lindsay was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the website.

In related news, if you own stock and/or are an investor in Beezid, now would be a good time to get your money out because these people are on fucking drugs. If you walked into their offices right now and asked to see a business plan, they’d probably hand you a flipbook of two stickmen snorting a mountain of cocaine before shrugging and saying, “Now what?” Although, admittedly, we had a similar plan last year except it involved a hose that sprayed money at strippers and our guys wore capes.

Photo: Pacific Coast News


  1. Govt. Cheese

    25k is kinda cheap…how much for a BJ Lindsay?

  2. Hugh Gentry

    she is really learning her lesson.

  3. i-yi-yi 25k for a 15 sec read of one sentence, she’s practically johnny carson now.
    they need to expand that son of sam law

    • TomFrank

      I think the Son of Sam law requires victims to whom the money is redirected. I don’t know how you divide $25,000 among 300 million Americans.

  4. Simon Dengle - Thrush

    Utterly charming young lady ! Such grace , poise and panache!

  5. Deacon Jones

    You guys been following the story today about this 51 yr old actor from “Lost” that married this 16 year old country singer, Courtney Stoddard?????

    There’s no fucking way the chick in these pictures is 16!

  6. FussyHussy

    Beezid is a joke & scam as it is. Appropriate that she is making a commercial for them.

    • Barry

      I tried it and your right….scam

    • Mike Walker

      The undisclosed amount is probably $25000 and the $10000 credit which is essentially equal to $25000 and an iPod since you would probably spend $10000 in bids just to “win” it.

  7. Clarence Beeks

    I fucking hate her.

  8. Rancid

    We need another bubble burst to burn out these pissy little startups.

  9. Ponkur

    “During some of my time ‘at home’…”

    Fucking priceless.

  10. stratacat

    She looks old enough to be my mom.

  11. Samantha Ronson

    If they sell tanning spray on their site that 10 grand is already spent.

  12. Amy

    I once heard her voice described as “cigarettes and dirty panties.”But now it sounds more like “crack pipe and gravel vagina.”

  13. AleisterCrowley

    Who the crap does anything cuz L.L. says to? If anything that’s reason to stay away from that product as far as possible!

  14. cc

    It’s already Tuesday and we haven’t had one of these yet:

    - you guys live in your basements and would never get near a chick this hot


    - this page, The Superficial, isn’t nearly serious enough. Can we please have a discussion of Sophocles?

    I wanted to get these out of the way early. Sorry for pre-empting you wankers.

  15. Do_Freebird

    Reading this makes me want to puke. If you have money or some kind of lame “fame” you have different sets of rules. Where is the judge who allowed this joke of a sentence? Why is he allowing this?

  16. KayKay

    Poor thing needs ACTUAL rehab.

  17. Barry is a scam, you end up paying for each bid you make and may shell out tons of money and not win the item. Lindsey should put them out of business soon if she is their spokes person.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Who gives a fuck? Everyone needs to work, leave her alone and let her earn a living, that way maybe the taxpayers of California won’t have to pay for her “House Arrest” parties, she can pay for them, herself

  19. anonym

    what a little piece of shit

    $10000 for a little sound bite like that?

    WTF. These beezid assholes should hire Casey Anthony if they wanted more hits.

  20. watson

    okay hate to say it but ryan dunn’s living caught up with him. How long before La Lohan’s catches up with her? I think house arrest is keeping her alive.

  21. Lucy

    Does she even matter anymore.

  22. RJ

    Isn’t that website the same one being investigated by three state attorneys and a Federal prosecutor?

  23. right

    hope they refuse to pay her and she must sue to collect. Yes the site she is pimping is a fraud. Allegedly.

  24. rocstorm

    I heard Lindsay got a job working on the road crew but she got fired her first day for snorting up all the white lines.

  25. the captain

    and “Metallica’s”-words are: ……..AND JUSTICE FOR ALL?

  26. ChazzyB

    Um… the name is, like, Lindsay™??? If you didn’t know.

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