I Take It Back, How Do You Not Put A Baby In This?

May 16th, 2014 // 30 Comments

I’ve been pretty hard on Lindsay Lohan claiming she suffered a miscarriage, but that was before I saw these stunning photos of her in London with the coke caked inside her nostril just right, and the light squinting her eyes just so. Good God, man, how do you not a squirt a baby into that? I was a fool. A damn fool.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. I don’t really see conclusive evidence of coke cakes, and of course I want to see it. Maybe some boogs at best.

  2. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
    Some Asshole
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    Both nostrils too, that’s hardcore.

  3. Acck.
    Can’t unsee that – any of it.

    What is she now, 42? 48?

  4. “Good God, man, how do you not a squirt a baby into that?”
    So you’re telling me nostril babies are real? Well that explains at least SOME Japanese porn.

  5. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    God, she is so gross

  6. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
    Deacon Jones
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    Double nostrils, must have a deviated septum

  7. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    high as a kite

  8. PlasticTits

    Can we have more Stodden pics, please.

  9. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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  10. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    wutta rush.
    i think i just got high.

  11. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    It’s called a flash.

    Lindsay has her flaws. In fact she has plenty. But that ain’t cocaine and you know it.

  12. matt

    27 Club, make room.

  13. With those tasty lips burping onion and Marlboro cigs in your mouth.

  14. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    Booger sugar.

  15. Robb7

    Just nasty

  16. So long, Erection. It was nice knowing you.

  17. VCR

    Visible Cocaine Residue

  18. How do women still think this stupid nose-up kissy face is attractive? Bleh. Can you imagine RDJ or Alan Rickman or Morgan Freeman doing this?

  19. Dammit, I wish I’d never seen this ‘cuz now I want her to do it to my weenie,

  20. Beer for thought

    I’m on the coke-in-nostrils bandwagon. Tell me how does she doesn’t look high as shit in these pictures and why anyone should believe a fucking word she says? Shes on drugs people…

  21. yup

    Blowhan’s statement about “having a miscarriage” is complete bullshit; it’s such crap that she refuses to swear it in open court. Good thing, too; if she swore it on the record, she could be directed to provide evidence, and everyone & their mother knows none exists. I can’t wait until she tells another of her lies in court, gets called on it, can’t provide proof of anything and is jailed for contempt & lying to the court…

    • It’s an excellent situation right now! She’s going to lose that case immediately for blaming everything on the miscarriage that never happened. I just wish she possessed actual money to lose. Maybe that leggings company can force her to be their butler? :)

  22. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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    We’ve seen enough Lohan nose shots to know this isn’t cocaine. Sorry charlie.

    • That’s amusing. So I guess it’s Pixy Stix. You’re comment makes no sense at all, as we know she is a drug addict and has done cocaine. We’ve seen her stoned, we’ve seen her drunk, we’ve seen her covered in powder. How would cocaine look any different from this, Lindsay?

  23. Lindsay Lohan Coke Nose
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