Of Course Lindsay Lohan Went To Coachella

When Lindsay Lohan’s formal probation ended, Judge Stephanie Sautner warned her to avoid going to clubs which Lindsay apparently interpreted as “start bar fights” and “go to a weekend-long music festival loaded with drugs and booze” because in her defense, those sound exactly like “don’t go to clubs.” You practically need a linguist to tell them apart. TMZ reports:

Our sources tell us, Lindsay feels she didn’t thumb her nose at Judge Stephanie Sautner, because Coachella is really just a gigantic concert and she was just there for the music.
We’re told Lindsay went to a few different events during the weekend and was very conscious lots of people were whispering about her — specifically, that she was in the danger zone by even showing up. The way she feels … she’s gone to Coachella for the last 4 or 5 years so she didn’t think this year was a big deal.

Completely setting aside the fact that Coachella is way worse than being at a club – not to mention it has a fucking club there – I love how Lindsay thinks that anything she’s done in the last four-to-five years even comes close to a remotely good idea. Because all of those decisions really panned out for her. Seriously, if her blood wasn’t 80% powder, she would’ve made a list by now of everything she’s habitually done over the years and then immediately starting doing the exact opposite. For example, waking up and not shooting Dina Lohan in the goddamn face. That’s no way to start a day.

Photo: Pacific Coast News