Lindsay™ Hid in The Closet From Her Dad

Lindsay Lohan reportedly hid in the closet this weekend while her father Michael Lohan was outside her apartment looking in the windows and “trying to break in,” according to TMZ:

We’re told MiLo was also staring in the back windows of her Venice apartment, trying to spot Lindsay inside, and began banging on the windows.
We’re told Michael has finally left. According to our sources, the cops were not called.

Gee, I wonder why Lindsay Lohan didn’t want the cops involved. I mean, clearly, she’s in the right here: Her father is a trespasser aggressively trying to enter her house without her consent. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want the police there… As if there’s something she doesn’t want them to find… Something like an entire coke sculpture in her likeness. Or maybe just Samantha Ronson’s severed arm. “Haha! This way we’ll always be together! *pets arm* Always together. *pets pets* Together, together, together…” I bet it’s that.

Photos: Fame, Splash News